What to Look for in a Reliable Green Home Building Company in the US?

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Whether you’re trying to start your own green home building franchise or looking for a company to seek help with green home renovations, GH Builders is the answer.

As an ISO certified and green building codes verified organization, we’re offering a complete range of green home building solutions coupled with software tools for builders.

When planning, developing, and constructing a green home design, constructors, contractors, engineers, and project managers need to make a bit more effort. Unlike traditional home-building, green home construction and design phases involve more complexities. These include attaining necessary permits and licenses to ensure complete regulatory compliance with the authorities.

There are numerous reasons we can give you to convince you to invest in the green home building profession and services. But in this blog, we have highlighted the most important thing of all: choosing a green home building company in the US.

If you’re in the market looking for one, here are all the qualities you mustn’t compromise on.

Aligned Mission and Vision

A green home building company, without a convincing and pragmatic mission and vision can be the most detrimental influence on your investment. Not hiring a company with the aligned mission and objectives can have a negative impact on your project.

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If you want to strike a balance between budget and eco-friendly project development, GH Builders is the right choice. Using our industry experience, local and international green building knowledge, and ecological strategies, we can enable you to become the finest green builder in your area.

We operate with high grit and efficiency, especially when it comes to training builders and area developers about franchising and offering green building products. With over 90 green home designs, our suite of remarkable sustainable residential plans is quite matchless in the US.

Additional Inspection and Build Quality Inspection

Not every green build company is ISO certified and authorized to conduct additional inspections. At GH Builders, we can not only plan and design your next green home, but also carry out the entire fixture and fittings process that includes earthworks, insulations, waterproofing, weather sealing, and more.

Procuring Suitable Material

Your green home building partner must have a widespread, qualified network of product suppliers for material procurement. Contrary to traditional home building practices, you need non-toxic, sustainable materials for fixtures and fittings in green home building. They need to be low and non-volatile compounds authorized by energy departments for efficient construction.

A leading green home builder will not only guide builders and clients throughout the process of procuring eco-friendly materials but also offer training to improve your expertise as a classic energy-efficient homes builder.

Reach Out to the ONLY Certified Green Home Builder in the US

GH Builders are the only certified Green Home Builder in the US, offering an extremely capable team of green home builders, planners, project managers, and engineers. In this digitally driven world, GH Builders has developed a Green Cloud Suite for maximum client satisfaction.

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Ways Green Home Builders Are Making the World a Better Place

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As the global environmental crises continue to rise at an alarming pace, people worldwide are looking for ways to reduce their carbon impact. If you belong to the home building industry, you may already know how important it is for builders to build sustainable homes. Let’s look at some ways green home builders can help in making this world a better place to live for future generations.

Contributing Towards a Better Future

We’ve already caused too much damage to the world. Loss of biodiversity, global warming and pollution, and several other environmental problems are happening around. But the good news is, it’s still not too late.

By selecting the appropriate home construction equipment, builders can build homes without causing environmental damage. The design and construction of green homes not only protect the environment, but also make our lives more sustainable and fulfilling.

Technological Advancements

To help builders achieve their sustainability goals, several technological developments have been made which aren’t just effective in reducing the home’s environmental impact, but also provide ease and convenience to its residents.

Installation of solar panels, for instance, helps us in the conservation and utilization of solar energy. The efficiency of solar panels has tremendously increased in recent years, and new advancements are continuously being made to make solar panels’ systems more effective.

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

By building sustainable homes, builders can offer a safe and healthy living environment to their clients. Installing a proper ventilation system, incorporating energy-efficient lighting systems, proper sound insulation, and implementing a passive design and monitoring systems to help the residents maintain their desired temperature inside are some of the ways, green home builders can attract potential clients and help them improve their lives.

Need Help?

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At GH Builders, we have a highly professional team ofcustom home builders who aim to revolutionize the home construction industry by introducing environment-friendly home building techniques to regular home builders.

We’re a leading global green home building company that’s widely known for helping  the best green home builders in the US, build green and custom homes for their clients, and scale their business to newer heights. By partnering up with us you can secure your business future!

Feel free to reach out to us, to learn about different home building opportunities we have in store for you!

Top Differences between Regular and Green Home Building Practices

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented economic downturn worldwide, which affected several industries, and the home construction industry is no exception. A majority of builders globally are now looking for different ways to revive the home construction energy and attract more customers.

Today, people have become more aware of their environmental impact and prefer the brands and businesses that follow and encourage environment-friendly practices. Considering the rising demand for green homes, home builders are rapidly transforming the way they design and build homes. According to stats, the US green building market is expected to amount to $103.08 million in 2023.

Here are some factors that make a green home different from the regular ones.


Green homes are built strategically to preserve the local ecology of the property. Unlike regular homes, green homes are oriented according to the sun’s direction, timing, and prevalent wind patterns. This makes them considerably better in terms of environmental and energy efficiency.

Design and Engineering

The design and engineering of green homes determine how well they’ll perform, how green they’re and how will it benefit the homeowners. Several design approaches are used in green home building, such as the use of natural light, overhangs, wall insulation, etc. Green home builders use engineered products, energy-efficient products, and proper sizing.


Unlike traditional homes, green builders design green homes from biodegradable materials, recycled materials, engineered wood, and other home construction supplies that are more durable and long-lasting. If you’re building a green home, you need to achieve maximum performance with minimum supplies!

Quality Standards

Unlike regular homes, green home projects are executed with strict compliance with quality standards. Only professional and qualified builders can build energy-efficient green homes, without compromising the required standards.

Need Help?

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Whether your green home builder in the US looking for profitable construction franchise opportunities or you want to secure your business’s financial future, partner up with GH Builders today!

GH Builders is a leading global green home builder that helps custom home builders grow their businesses and secure their future.

The company is committed to revolutionizing the home construction industry by helping the best green home builders in the US scale their business and secure its future.

Feel free to reach out, to find out how they can help you sustain your green home business.

All You Need to Know About Virtual Display Village

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An NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report shows that home builders need to update their business models to stay ahead of the increasing competition.

Virtual reality and 3D home modeling have become a pressing need for real estate and green home building contractors in recent years. But all credit goes to leading green home building companies like GH Builders, which are enabling area developers and builders to take advantage of digital tools and technologies.

For example, we, as the pioneer of green home building projects in the US, have introduced a holistic Green Cloud Suite to inspire builders and landowners into green projects. This has allowed us to work toward a sustainable residential landscape in local American communities.

Among many types of digital tools, our virtual display village has been turning heads. This technology allows us to provide a customer-centric green home building solution. Whether you’re a landowner interested in building a green home or an area developer, our virtual display village will let you take a hands-on tour of our entire green building façade.

So what are virtual display villages all about, and how are we making the most of it? Let’s find out!

Saves Time and Effort

The real estate sector, especially the green home building aspect of it, is making the most of virtual reality and cloud-based technologies. By creating a virtual display village, green home builders are enabling their customers to tour their new homes-to-be in a few clicks.

Virtual display villages give a complete idea of what a new home will look like from the inside out. It provides a full-on picture of the entire functional, aesthetic, and operational appeal of green home designs.

A sustainable house toilet

Virtual display villages also reduce the time, effort, and money required to make plan changes, phone calls, and one-on-one client meetings. This VR-based tech tool lets builders, planners, engineers, contractors, and customers stay on one page without having to commute.

Increases Listing Quality and Web Traffic

Online and dimensional home tours play a pivotal role in creating a quality virtual presence of home listings. This gives you a better edge in making your green building services accessible to customers.

It’s true that homeowners tend to spend more time touring new homes if they’re available virtually. 3D virtual tours ensure lower bounce rates by showing search engines the importance of online strategy for home listings.

Become a World-Class Green Home Builder with GH Builders

With our ISO Green compliance, we offer and the best green home building company, the firm offers a complete suite of services and green home designs for builders. You can also reach out to us to begin your own green home building franchise!

Check out our virtual village display, supplier information, or call us at (914) 945-0277 now!

Types of Trending House Designs for 2022


A new year comes with a promise for a fresh start. If you’re building your new home this year, you should remember that 2022 is the year for homeowners to show their individuality with their home design.

If anything, UNPREDICTIBILITY has become the new normal in the past couple of years. The only thing that’s certain about our future is uncertainty. You never know when you’ll get locked down at your homes and for how long! Therefore, most people are building homes where they’ve got a room for EVERYTHING. From your mini-gym to a cool and calm workspace to the comfy bedrooms and small patios for some fresh air, you need to have spaces for whatever you do during the day, and that’s understandable.

Let’s look at some house design trends for 2022.

The functionality’s the Top Priority


Recently, new homes have changed from fashionable to functional, and we can’t ask ‘why’!

Building your home is an exciting undertaking, and you may need to invest a huge portion of your financial savings on the projects. You need to be really careful about your investments. While you can’t ignore the aesthetic aspect of your home, convenience and functionality should be your top priority. Make sure that your home can meet all your family’s needs and wants, offers wide storage space, a functional floor plan, and is energy efficient.

Minimalism’s the Next Big Thing

‘Minimalism’ has become the new buzzword in the home-building industry. According to research, consumerism is particularly insufficient in producing happiness.

Minimalism in home building refers to the concept of building a ‘’happy home’’ instead of a ‘’fancy home’’. It means you invest more in things that add value to your home and your lifestyle, not just on things that may help you impress the neighbors!

While minimalism can help you reduce your costs, it will help you create a peaceful, classy, and trendy living space for you and your family.

According to a study, our mood heavily depends upon our environment. If you build a minimalistic home, you won’t only contribute towards environmental protection, but you’ll also be able to offer a cool, clean, and healthy home to your kids and family. A minimalistic home is highly functional yet exceptionally simple; it features simple exterior cladding material and wall finishes and represents a strategic use of materials and texture that signifies your personality and visual interests.

Build your Home with GH Builders

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Are you looking for the best home builders in the US? At GH Builders, we deploy cutting-edge technology to build your own green home. We offer a bespoke service to all our customers and offer end-to-end project completion.

Feel free to contact us for more details on how we can build an environmentally friendly home and functional living space for you and your family!

Why Environmental Home Builders Are Needed to Save the Earth’s Resources

The subject of climate control and the need for more green products and services is a hotly debated topic currently in politics. More Americans desire to lead greener lives by frequenting those companies that have strong environmentally friendly business practices. Our homes are where we spend the majority of our time, and more homeowners desire the convenience and practicality of energy-efficient home systems that environmental home builders can give.

How Americans Can Help Save the Earth Everyday

Most people watch the news and are familiar with climate control and the sad decline of our gorgeous planet’s pristine natural resources. Everyone can help save the earth by changing their day-to-day practices that are harming the environment. Wasted resources contribute to this problem. Some areas of the country are seeing the grave results of water sources once plentiful now running dry.

Environmental Factors to Consider When Building a Home

Construction of a new home takes time, expense and effort. Many individuals are completely unaware of how damaging common construction practices truly are. These practices are ruining the surrounding acres of land, the ecosystem and nearby water supplies. This is sad because most of the damaging building practices can be easily stopped or at least lessened. This will likely only occur when consumers insist on more environmentally conscious building services.

Why Green Land Developers Are Essential to Save the Planet

Successful land developers play a huge role in how the geographical region where they operate rebounds following extensive building projects. Those who are determined to join forces with environmental home builders have the opportunity to leave the surrounding lands and waterways better than before. If every citizen did their part, the magnificent world that we call home will be here for our kids and grandchildren to enjoy in the not too distant future.

Do More for the Planet and Go Green With Energy Green Builders

Going green has gone from just throwing empty cans and bottles into blue bins to becoming a part of life in numerous ways, including the building of your home. It is also becoming a common enough of a trend to be quite its own lucrative market. It has never been easier to get the materials necessary to be energy green builders.

Green Roofs and Walls
Being used by many land-consuming buildings to offset the carbon footprint, green roofs allow for plant life to exist in areas that would normally be covered in cement. In terms of received benefits, green roofs can help maintain thermal performance, implement stormwater management and use, and produce food. In terms of local impacts, it can provide a restful habitat for birds and insects, offer local vegetation, and reduce air pollutants. It’s no surprise green roofs are so popular.

Concrete Slab Floors
Concrete slab floors can play a significant role in thermal maintenance due to the insulative properties of concrete. Newer use of cement extenders such as fly ash, new cements, such as geopolymers or magnesium, and alternative concretes, such as hempcrete, has resulted in less production of greenhouse gasses than that associated with processing raw concrete.

Cladding is a skin or layer attached to the outside of a home as a form of water/weather-proofing protection. It can even improve energy consumption due to the thermal benefits of the protection received.

As oil and energy production costs grow, consumers are clamoring to reduce their own expenses in as many ways as possible. The green wave has broken, and it is entering the mainstream. This is a prime time to get in on the trend, especially from a financial investment perspective. A green franchise opportunity may be for you if you are considering joining a team of experienced energy green builders today.

Why home orientation is important to your family and your pocket?

One of the most overlooked energy efficiency factors in any home is its orientation. How your home is positioned can have a dramatic impact on heating and cooling, the largest energy contributor in most homes. Your home’s orientation is associated with energy efficiency, homes that are re-oriented toward the sun, without any additional solar features, saved between 10% and 20% on heating costs. A well-positioned home can provide natural lighting for rooms that are facing north providing more comfort while saving your wallet from further torture.

But aside from saving you money, there are more advantages you can get from having a good home orientation plan. It’s not difficult to see why poorly oriented homes need ceiling fans and air conditioning units to keep the rooms cool, which is not energy efficient.

During summer, thermal comfort is most important for house occupants especially the elderly who are vulnerable to weather-related illnesses. You can also position landscaping to shade windows during the summer, while still admitting winter light.

As you prepare for the construction of your new Green Home, be sure to speak with your homebuilder about the orientation of your home. An experienced and knowledgeable Green Home builder will be able to use these and other techniques to effectively provide you with the perfect amount of natural light, help lower your utility bills and build a healthy new home for you and your family.

Eco Friendly Companies Franchise – Why You Should Invest

Franchises have come a long way in the last few decades. One of the best ways to advance your business ownership profitability is buying into a company early on, while there are few competitors in your area but while interest in what you have to offer is high. That is why eco friendly companies franchise opportunities are top of mind right now. If you are looking for a way to get into the market at the beginning of it, before there are dozens of other home builders interested, this is the time to do so.

Why Now Is the Right Time to Invest

In every business situation, you can only be profitable if you are able to provide customers something they want that they cannot get elsewhere for a better price or with more convenience. That is why eco friendly companies franchise opportunities are ideal right now. There is not a lot of competition, but there are customers asking questions and even struggling to find the services they need. What does it mean to be eco friendly today?

Consider, for a moment, how many companies are transforming the way they operate. Some companies are marketing themselves as green businesses because of the way they are sourcing products in their supply chains. Walk into an office building or retail establishment, and you will see areas of improvement and “green” changes they have made. This is good for the environment. And, it is also good for the consumer.

People want to be able to get the materials to buy their next home from a reputable buyer but also an eco friendly one. They want to be able to build a home using green energy. If you have an eco friendly companies franchise, you could be competing to provide customers with what they need right now.