Do More for the Planet and Go Green With Energy Green Builders

Going green has gone from just throwing empty cans and bottles into blue bins to becoming a part of life in numerous ways, including the building of your home. It is also becoming a common enough of a trend to be quite its own lucrative market. It has never been easier to get the materials necessary to be energy green builders.

Green Roofs and Walls
Being used by many land-consuming buildings to offset the carbon footprint, green roofs allow for plant life to exist in areas that would normally be covered in cement. In terms of received benefits, green roofs can help maintain thermal performance, implement stormwater management and use, and produce food. In terms of local impacts, it can provide a restful habitat for birds and insects, offer local vegetation, and reduce air pollutants. It’s no surprise green roofs are so popular.

Concrete Slab Floors
Concrete slab floors can play a significant role in thermal maintenance due to the insulative properties of concrete. Newer use of cement extenders such as fly ash, new cements, such as geopolymers or magnesium, and alternative concretes, such as hempcrete, has resulted in less production of greenhouse gasses than that associated with processing raw concrete.

Cladding is a skin or layer attached to the outside of a home as a form of water/weather-proofing protection. It can even improve energy consumption due to the thermal benefits of the protection received.

As oil and energy production costs grow, consumers are clamoring to reduce their own expenses in as many ways as possible. The green wave has broken, and it is entering the mainstream. This is a prime time to get in on the trend, especially from a financial investment perspective. A green franchise opportunity may be for you if you are considering joining a team of experienced energy green builders today.