Types of Trending House Designs for 2022


A new year comes with a promise for a fresh start. If you’re building your new home this year, you should remember that 2022 is the year for homeowners to show their individuality with their home design.

If anything, UNPREDICTIBILITY has become the new normal in the past couple of years. The only thing that’s certain about our future is uncertainty. You never know when you’ll get locked down at your homes and for how long! Therefore, most people are building homes where they’ve got a room for EVERYTHING. From your mini-gym to a cool and calm workspace to the comfy bedrooms and small patios for some fresh air, you need to have spaces for whatever you do during the day, and that’s understandable.

Let’s look at some house design trends for 2022.

The functionality’s the Top Priority


Recently, new homes have changed from fashionable to functional, and we can’t ask ‘why’!

Building your home is an exciting undertaking, and you may need to invest a huge portion of your financial savings on the projects. You need to be really careful about your investments. While you can’t ignore the aesthetic aspect of your home, convenience and functionality should be your top priority. Make sure that your home can meet all your family’s needs and wants, offers wide storage space, a functional floor plan, and is energy efficient.

Minimalism’s the Next Big Thing

‘Minimalism’ has become the new buzzword in the home-building industry. According to research, consumerism is particularly insufficient in producing happiness.

Minimalism in home building refers to the concept of building a ‘’happy home’’ instead of a ‘’fancy home’’. It means you invest more in things that add value to your home and your lifestyle, not just on things that may help you impress the neighbors!

While minimalism can help you reduce your costs, it will help you create a peaceful, classy, and trendy living space for you and your family.

According to a study, our mood heavily depends upon our environment. If you build a minimalistic home, you won’t only contribute towards environmental protection, but you’ll also be able to offer a cool, clean, and healthy home to your kids and family. A minimalistic home is highly functional yet exceptionally simple; it features simple exterior cladding material and wall finishes and represents a strategic use of materials and texture that signifies your personality and visual interests.

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