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Green Homes Builders offers a complete business solution for builders looking to scale and grow their business. We understand your journey and the challenges you face daily because our founder is a builder that has walked in your shoes, which is why the Green Homes franchise partnership is so successful. If you would like to have an unpassable value proposition that gives you endless opportunities this might be the right fit for you. If you struggle with marketing, systems, buying power support, effective project management, client management and business scale to grow sustainable profit then we invite you to learn more about how we can work together to help you build the business of your dreams.
Managing a construction business can be a challenging and lonely job, but it doesn’t have to be. If you would like to be part of a successful team of industry leading builders with 24/7 support then give us a call, talk to our builders and watch some interviews below. We are happy to share our knowledge and help you grow.

Success starts with having the right product and partnering with the right people.

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What do our builders
have to say?

Hear from some of our builders and learn why they joined Green Homes Builders.
How have their businesses changed? Are they happy and would they do it again?
Real builders, no actors and completely unscripted!

Matt Nicosia

30+ year business, Montana Constructions, rebranded as Green Homes Hudson Valley in 2020, and despite a Global Pandemic, business is booming!

Shaun Stewart

Re-branding his 20+ year business was a no-brainer for Shaun. He realized that for him to remain relevant in the marketplace, he had to offer a point of difference. As a Green Home builder, he can do that!

Toby & Alice Smith

Purchasing the Franchise in 2018, Toby and Alice were ready to transform their lives as they began to grow their family!
Within three months of beginning as a Green Home Builder, they had realized that without the brand, they would never have been able to receive as many leads as they had.
"The systems that were in place were second to none, and allowed me to run my business more effectively, profitably and sustainably." Toby said in his 2021 Business Strategy Consult.
Within the first term of their franchise agreement, Toby's business had expanded nearly 340% compared to prior to joining the Green Homes Builders' group.
Sitting down recently with Toby & Alice, they had a few specific words to say to builders considering joining the group.... "Do it!"

Jamie Glover &
Andrew Menzies

Moving half way across the world to undertake a new business opportunity would be daunting for any well seasoned business-person. But these two Scottsman saw the future of construction being sustainable, green solutions, and there was nothing being offered that quite hit the mark. Joining Green Homes Builders and becoming experts in the field, allowed Jamie & Andrew to grow their business beyond their wildest dreams.

Speaking recently about their latest display home, they said that within a week or two of opening it, they had 6 contracts signed stating, "the home buyers had been to all the other homes, however the moment they stepped into ours, they knew they couldn't go backwards."

Fenya Slack in Fargo

Working in construction was a family trade for Fenya Slack. Operating in her father's dry wall business, Fenya found a passion for sustainability and passive construction.
At the 2019 GreenBuild Show in Atlanta, Fenya came across the only Green Builder present - Green Home Builders USA. Speaking to Mick Fabar and the team, Fenya realized that there was only one true, green solution in the construction industry.


Green Home construction is emerging rapidly in the United States. As a home builder, you may have experienced frustration struggling to differentiate yourself from your competition.

This is your opportunity to offer a genuine point of difference with a Green Homes Construction Franchise, building your consumers efficient healthier homes, while receiving world-class training and support through tried-and-tested processes and systems under a globally successful leading brand.

There has never been a better time than right now to become a Green Builder in your territory. Consumers made the sustainable, healthy, efficient connection years ago and expect their homes to perform in alliance with their principles. If you want to build a sustainable, profitable, successful, and long lasting business you need to be in the green space and the time is now! If your business is not evolving to green your business efforts may become redundant.

Become an expert and leader in green building by partnering with Green Home Builders. We have an abundance of consumer demand….

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Across the group we have franchisees from all ages and experience! The ideal franchisee is an independent builder or small family business owner who has been operating for 5 to 10 years and is struggling to gain market traction. The Green Homes brand will provide constant reliable traction, value proposition, systems, marketing, and everything in between! If you are easily teachable, possess great capabilities and want to consistently grow and scale your business with the award-winning Green Home brand, lets get the ball rolling!

Majority of builders dream of having a sustainable business that is of reasonable scale, but don’t quite know how to get there. The average builder doesn’t realise that with the right guidance, systems, brand and support they can achieve scaling their business goals! Most builders will do the same thing every year, hoping for better results but not taking action. We call this the ‘valley of fire’, which is when a builder is stuck building 5 homes per year when they could be building 10 to 20! We believe that residential builders need consistency and reliable opportunity with a mass amount of clientele in order to make a substantial profit, which is exactly what we offer to each and every one of our franchisees.

Builders are generally good at building, but few are experts in all aspects required in growing and or sustaining a successful business operation such as – building, business management, marketing, systems and management, design, product procurement and development and client management.

By joining Green Homes, you will have access to a turnkey solution which is an immediate business ready to go. Everything has been tried and tested and is successful! You won’t need to spend millions of dollars, take risks or wait years. Instead, we offer guaranteed core components of a GH Builder business, which involve designs, key supplier relationships, certifications, and everything listed above in order to grow your business into a success. Above all is brand development. By partnering with a globally recognized and leading brand you’re setting yourself up for unrivaled success.

Are you frustrated, worried, and stressed as a business owner and experiencing problems such as security, cashflow, scheduling and profitability? Our GH Builder franchisees benefit from being an in-demand market leader and have transformed their business from being poor performing, to a profitable and sustainable business. Being our partner ensures you are given maximum resources and support that other franchises will not offer, so you can achieve your greater potential.

We have proven marketing programs, strategies, and templates ready for Builders to implement, which is supported by our national and global web platforms. Consumers want a one stop solution for green, comfortable, healthy homes. They need a builder that understands the process, has access to the products and materials and can make their dream happen. There is no other building brand or system that is focused on this area and is taking complete action.

The most successful franchisees are builders. As an independent builder, scaling your business on your own is incredibly challenging. With the desire to grow and succeed, we can turn your struggles into a GH Builder franchise with proven strategies and systems that will grow and scale your franchise effectively.

There are extremely limited builders operating in the Green space globally and no franchise business models that we are made aware of. The consensus is that Green building is expensive and complicated, which maybe the case if you don’t have the systems and knowledge Green Homes has. We pass this knowledge on to our partners, and currently, we are building the highest star rated efficient homes nationally backed by our experience in Australia and New Zealand, confirmed by CSIRO data (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). On a competitive leadership front, Green Homes is the only ISO (International Standards Organization) compliant Green builder globally for 50,001 (design and construction of energy efficient dwellings) we have

won multiple awards for homes and our training including the Global innovations award from the NAHB. We are the global leaders and Green building is our only focus.

Support from Leading Product Suppliers!

We have engineered a franchise fit for all levels of experience in the building and construction industry.

Begin your journey to offering the best homes available on the market, and enquire about the award winning franchise today!

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