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Thank you for enquiring about a Green Homes Builder Franchise. Congratulations on taking the first step towards building better homes, and a better business!

Mick Fabar founded the global Green Homes group on one idea: To Build the Best Homes around the globe – not necessarily the most. It is with this he welcomes ANYONE interested in transforming their community and their business, to take the next steps to becoming a Green Homes Builder. 

We have prepared some documents below that detail the next steps and give you an exclusive look at some of the Green Homes suite of systems.

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What is the Green Cloud?

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Green Cloud Overview

Introduction to Green Training

As a part of your GH Builders Induction process, you receive access to exclusive training, recognized by the NAHB as a finalist in the 2020 Training Awards. This training will give you the confidence and ability to onboard franchisees, run a sustainable business and introduce you to our Green Building Principles. Following the initial training, hosted by GH Builders Management, 120+ hours of competency training must be completed.

Meet the Trainer: Ashley Bland

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Module 1: Preview

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Marketing and Advertising Support

When it comes to advertising your new business venture, we have it covered! With hundreds of templates – completely editable – ready to roll out in your territory, the moment you train and launch your Green Homes Franchise. 

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