All You Need to Know About Virtual Display Village

Green home design

An NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report shows that home builders need to update their business models to stay ahead of the increasing competition.

Virtual reality and 3D home modeling have become a pressing need for real estate and green home building contractors in recent years. But all credit goes to leading green home building companies like GH Builders, which are enabling area developers and builders to take advantage of digital tools and technologies.

For example, we, as the pioneer of green home building projects in the US, have introduced a holistic Green Cloud Suite to inspire builders and landowners into green projects. This has allowed us to work toward a sustainable residential landscape in local American communities.

Among many types of digital tools, our virtual display village has been turning heads. This technology allows us to provide a customer-centric green home building solution. Whether you’re a landowner interested in building a green home or an area developer, our virtual display village will let you take a hands-on tour of our entire green building façade.

So what are virtual display villages all about, and how are we making the most of it? Let’s find out!

Saves Time and Effort

The real estate sector, especially the green home building aspect of it, is making the most of virtual reality and cloud-based technologies. By creating a virtual display village, green home builders are enabling their customers to tour their new homes-to-be in a few clicks.

Virtual display villages give a complete idea of what a new home will look like from the inside out. It provides a full-on picture of the entire functional, aesthetic, and operational appeal of green home designs.

A sustainable house toilet

Virtual display villages also reduce the time, effort, and money required to make plan changes, phone calls, and one-on-one client meetings. This VR-based tech tool lets builders, planners, engineers, contractors, and customers stay on one page without having to commute.

Increases Listing Quality and Web Traffic

Online and dimensional home tours play a pivotal role in creating a quality virtual presence of home listings. This gives you a better edge in making your green building services accessible to customers.

It’s true that homeowners tend to spend more time touring new homes if they’re available virtually. 3D virtual tours ensure lower bounce rates by showing search engines the importance of online strategy for home listings.

Become a World-Class Green Home Builder with GH Builders

With our ISO Green compliance, we offer and the best green home building company, the firm offers a complete suite of services and green home designs for builders. You can also reach out to us to begin your own green home building franchise!

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