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So, you're a builder who is looking to transform your business, take the next step, or even looking to a brand for business growth? There are many brands and options out there for you to consider. What you will find is that we are all offering the same things.

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The GH Builder Advantage

As a Green Homes Builder, you will be able to offer your consumers a home that – literally – no one else can. That is a home that is truly built to energy efficient standards and will produce a better quality of life. From the moment a home is designed, green principles are considered and implemented. Building a Green Home doesn’t start and stop with just solar panels.

The construction industry has seen little change over the last 40 years, however consumer expectations have changed considerably. Consumers are more educated than ever before on the importance of building a home with healthy and sustainable benefits. Consumers expect builders to understand how to best achieve these outcomes and Green Homes provides you with a ‘turn key’ solution to enable you to answer this opportunity call.

A Home Design Review Report (HDRR). This is completed to provide objective feedback on the home design and energy efficiency of the project. This report is presented to the client in addition with the concept design and ensures we/you are providing an authentic green offer to clients. An HDRR distinguishes a Green Homes builder from other builders and adds exclusive value to the building process.

ISO 50001 requires organisations to develop an energy management system, or policy, with the primary purpose of using energy more efficiently. Our green homes are designed, built, and audited to ensure every component conforms to strict energy management guidelines. Consumers benefit from energy-efficient homes and lower energy costs, with Green Home Australia’s properties being affordable and comfortable with enhanced control of the home environment, finished to extremely high standards.

Green Homes can proudly say that they have received a plethora of Industry & Business-Related Award across the world. Most recently, we have been awarded for our Green Builder Training by the Global Innovations Board in Las Vegas, USA. Receiving this Award further endorses Green Homes Australia for building energy-efficient, sustainable, longer-lasting homes that lessen the impact on the environment and importantly recognizes our high-quality training modules in Business operations and management. We are the only builder in the world to receive such accreditation from the NAHB for our training.

When looking to build a new home, consumers will scroll past hundreds of designs every day, becoming a habit and pastime. But what makes them stop, read and enquire? How do you stand out amongst thousands of designs available at their fingertips ? The “Scroll-Stopping” effect that our Green Designs have been proven to be well above the cookie-cutter home design that many builders promote – some designs look great, however it’s the little details that make ours stand out. Era-spanning inspirations; Kaleidoscopes of colour; Continental flavours. Our in-house design team is continually designing, upgrading and releasing a slew of New Home Designs, that are based on direct-consumer-research. The designs you feature, will ensure your phone doesn’t stop ringing. Guaranteed!

The GH Builders Advantage

Unique Value Proposition

Consumers Ready to Build

Scroll-Stopping Designs

Award Winning Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have a Builders licence?
  2. Are you passionate about Building Better Homes?
  3. Are you passionate about helping your clients live in a healthy, low toxicity & sustainable home?
  4. Are you passionate about growing your business?
  5. Are you passionate about the environment and the need for efficient home solutions?

There is a lot involved in starting a franchise, and the initial processes will take between a month to six months to put into place. To begin, all you will need is a white recent model vehicle, cell phone and your builders license. The more complicated steps, such as hiring your staff and opening your office will be done with the complete assistance from GH Builders.

While you may not need a sales staff right away, it is essential that you have a contractor’s license as well as a bookkeeper. Your growing building franchise will require staff when it gets off the ground, and it is good to start thinking about this in the early stages.

Setup of your business may take some time, and acquiring a display home as well as an office can be a lot to take on. As a Green Home developer, you will need to start showing your homes, and when you are ready to take that step, GH Builders will help you to find the ideal location in your territory.

We have a wide array of stunning energy efficient homes, but we do offer the ability for customers to bring their own designs to the table. Our talented design team will assist in creating the best quote for the construction required, combining it with our dedication to producing the energy efficiency that we are known for.

We know that you are coming to us from a background rich in existing projects, and as a GH Builder, all you need to do is create an exempt works list in order to keep your other work separate. GH Builders benefits you by excluding these fees from your Green Homes projects.

It is up to you how you run your business, but a full-time commitment ensures the highest chance of success. Not only will this provide you with a quicker path towards your goal, but you will also benefit from your growing knowledge of the Green Homes system to create the ideal homes for your customers.

While it is required that you have some working knowledge of the industry, be it from your time in construction or previous project development, we offer the opportunity for any builder to begin their journey as a GH Builder no matter where they are in their career. We are focused on delivering the Green Homes lifestyle through your growing business and community values, and all you need is your license and willingness to grow and succeed.

Once you join GH Builders, you will be allocated your exclusive territory. You alone will be responsible for your region, and any sales leads we receive are passed on to you exclusively.

As a prospective GH Builders franchisee, you will go through our approval process. After a thorough introduction to our practices, as well as our systems and the tools at our disposal, we will conduct a meeting with you at our head office before signing all the contracts.

Our systems have proven themselves over our years of experience. With ongoing sales and marketing support, as well as administration and a priority on business growth and operations, Green Homes is truly the company that gives you, as a franchisee, more than the competition. Our products are in high demand, and the value placed on energy efficient homes will see your business growing and expanding in a thriving industry.

Turbo-charge your business with industry leading homes and systems designed to ensure you’re always ahead of your competitors.

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