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SMART Home Design
Smaller footprint, larger savings - perfect for every need!
Australia's Highest Rated Home'
Experience a healthier, more sustainable green house for America. Our Award Winning Display Homes across the country have been rated among the best.
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International Design Inspo
We have selected six of the most sought after Green Home plans from our global partners and made them readily available to our American home buyers!
Australia's Highest Rated Home'
Our most recent home in Fargo, North Dakota is home to all the energy efficient, healthy features you want from your green home.
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Why Build With Us?

GH Builders USA is one of the best home building companies in the United States. We consider life cycle assessment, energy efficiency, environmental quality enhancement, material efficiency, waste reduction, operations optimization, structure design efficiency, water efficiency, and other aspects that make for an eco-friendly home.

With GH Builders USA, you can build your own green home across the country. We're your custom home builders who help you choose low-cost, high-quality renewable materials to ensure a green home design for you.

GH Builders USA green building contractors are highly qualified professionals who help you pick fashionable green home designs with energy-efficient solutions to lower your carbon footprint by lowing energy consumption bills.

We’re proud to introduce ourselves as sustainable home builders who allow you to exercise your freedom.