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Are Green Homes Smart Homes? Let’s Explore!

One of the biggest goals of eco-friendly home builders is to design houses and buildings that aren’t only sustainable but also smart and innovative. This means they’re equally focused on the idea of reducing a house’s environmental impact and employing the latest technology to automate most of its green elements.

Today, smart homes are significantly high in demand because of their green building features. While eco-friendly builders can always leverage this opportunity to create a thriving business, there’s a high need to consider what truly makes green homes smart.

Read on to learn about three different ways green homes can serve as smart homes.

Climate Control

Climate control is a significant priority among green home builders looking to build energy-efficient homes with improved indoor air quality. The use of high-quality insulation materials, free-running methods, and conditioning processes significantly improve your chances of achieving a house with enhanced indoor air quality.

However, using automation techniques through an auto-adjustable thermostat can help you make a green home smart. This means that the house you build won’t only save money on energy bills but will also add value to the house’s design elements.

Water-Saving Features

Another sustainable design goal for eco-friendly home builders is water efficiency. A green home should always be able to save water and prevent the household’s annual water waste as much as possible.

The use of smart home features like dishwashers, efficient shower heads, and toilets with low-flow flushes can significantly improve a house’s ability to remain water efficient at all times. This is an excellent way to meet the water-saving requirements of eco-conscious homeowners.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Lastly, the biggest objective of a green and smart home design is to achieve maximum energy efficiency. From the use of high-quality insulation materials to the installation of solar panels, green home builders can now help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save on their energy bills simultaneously.

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Challenges Faced By Builders In Selling Green Homes

The rise in energy consumption and a growing carbon footprint in the country is due to the unsustainability of most buildings and residential properties. In fact, around 45% of total carbon emissions are a direct consequence of buildings’ extensive energy consumption. Green home building companies have now recognized this issue and are now designing and building sustainable homes to combat the problem.

Despite the skyrocketing demand for environmentally friendly homes, many new green home contractors fail to generate higher profits from them or get the offer they’re looking for. While the use of resources from qualified eco-friendly building companies can always help, here are three challenges faced by most builders selling green homes.

The Idea of Green Homes Being Expensive

There’s a popular assumption among the consumer markets that sustainable home designs aren’t only trendy but also incredibly expensive.

While it may sound costly initially, an environmentally friendly home offers instant returns, maximum cost savings, energy savings, and long-term durability, making it worth a buyer’s consideration.

As a green home builder, you can always tackle this challenge by identifying all the ways a house is more efficient with sustainable design elements. This will also give your buyers a fair idea of how they’re likely to save costs in the longer run.

Lack of Substantial Awareness About Sustainable Home Designs

Another reason why many builders struggle to sell green homes is that there isn’t much awareness and knowledge about the need for eco-friendly homes in the housing market.

Despite the urgency to fight climate change and reduce individual carbon footprint, many buyers fail to realize the significance of investing in and living in sustainable homes. The best way to overcome this is to engage in a thoughtful discourse about what makes houses eco-friendly and how they can help homeowners contribute towards a healthier planet.

Lack of Proper Certification

Lastly, the only thing getting in the way of you selling green homes is the lack of proper certification. Most buyers tend to trust green home builders based on their certifications. Therefore, it’s incredibly essential to get the accreditation you need to become a credible green home contractor.

Our e-book, Building a Green Home, can further guide you on the steps you need to take to become a certified green home builder in the country.

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For more information, get in touch with the environmentally friendly builders at GH Builders USA. We’re one of the best green home building companies, helping you with our green home designs and a wide range of construction franchise opportunities.

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Do I Need an Eco-Friendly Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

The US housebuilding industry has witnessed many troubles. Pollution, economic downfall, and carbon emissions are pressing issues. To address these persistent problems of traditional homes, eco-friendly homes come to the rescue.

The recent downturns have forced home builders to switch to sustainable and greener practices. If you’re unsure whether you should invest in an eco-friendly home, here’s a guide comparing both types of homes.

What is An Eco-Friendly Home?

Simply put, an eco-friendly home is an energy-efficient building structure that reduces carbon emissions by using sustainable practices. The features of an eco-friendly home are apparent:

  • These homes use renewable energy sources such as solar energy to generate electricity.
  • They’re greener due to energy-efficient features.
  • The appliances and equipment used are energy efficient to reduce carbon footprint,
  • These homes are well-insulated and have low-emittance windows.
  • The heating and cooling system appliances are Energy Star-rated.
  • They have low-emittance windows.

Reason You Need Eco-Friendly Home

Unlike a traditional home, eco-friendly homes offer a variety of benefits in terms of cost. There are many reasons to build or buy a green home, such as:

1. Reduce Environmental Effect

Unlike traditional homes that consume a lot of energy and incur more costs, eco-friendly homes are designed to reduce environmental impact. Since much carbon emission is attributed to the construction and building industry, modern construction methods aim to reduce pollution and spillage. These green homes use recycled and renewable materials to reduce environmental impact and degradation.

With traditional homes taking out the trash in landfills, the rising concerns of carbon emission remain constant. The purpose of eco-friendly homes is to keep garbage away from landfills and use recycling and reuse practices.

2. Maintain Health

The issue with traditional homes is the material and construction process which contributes to pollution and carbon emission. Green homes use sustainable material that isn’t harmful to the environment or people.

Unlike toxic material present in paints, indoor products, plastics, and buildings, eco-friendly homes use moisture resistance and non-toxic material to maintain air quality, protect the environment and maintain the health of residents.

3. Save Money

Eco-friendly homes recycle and reuse material which saves cost. Energy Star appliances, tankless water heaters, thermal-heat-retaining panels, and other energy-efficient equipment are used in these energy-efficient homes.

Although these appliances are slightly costly, they save cost in the long term, compared to traditional appliances. These appliances reduce utility bills and energy consumption and eventually lessen any money traditionally spent on renovation and maintenance.

Eco-Friendly Homes Are the Future

An eco-friendly home is not a trend. It’s a need of time. More homes will be energy efficient and green one way or other. Instead of being too late, you should start adjusting to your current home or build a new eco-friendly home using our green home design.

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At GH Builders, we are committed to reducing your utility costs while building you the beautiful house of your dream. We have over 70 green home designs so you can build your green home that meets your needs. Walk through our virtual display village or contact us for more information.

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What’s An Energy Efficient Home? A Brief Guide

While “go green” may have been a growing trend, it has become a necessity of late. People are becoming aware of the growing menace of pollution in the name of infrastructural development. The purpose of eco-friendly green homes is to reduce carbon footprint.

We have curated a simple guide explaining energy-efficient homes if you’re new to this whole trend. Read to find out how these are different from traditional homes.

Energy Efficiency

By the definition of energy efficiency, any home can be energy efficient regardless of whether it’s modern or old. With modern construction, however, new homes are more energy-efficient. Older homes can be upgraded to boost their energy performance.

Here are the features of an energy-efficient home:

1. Comfortable and Harmless

An energy-efficient home is comfy and free of hazards. The insulation fills gaps, which means that it’s cooler in the warm season and warmer in the cold season. Modern eco-friendly homes have great air quality and ventilation systems, which creates a perfect atmosphere inside the home. Not too dry or too humid. Additionally, a programmable thermostat makes managing temperature easier even when residents are not home.

2. Less Costly

Energy-efficient homes have a high EnerGuide rating. These homes are airtight to prevent air infiltration. They use renewable energy such as solar power to produce electricity and heat. High-efficiency cooling and heating equipment keep the utility costs low.

A good builder will guide you to fit low-flow accessories to manage water consumption. All in all, while energy-efficient homes are equipped with environment-friendly amenities, what makes houses energy efficient is their residents.

3. Eco-Friendly

All the energy-efficient homes are environment-friendly. These homes are built to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Any material used in construction and maintenance is responsibly acquired and used to shrink carbon emissions.

4. Value Adding

The upgrades and fixtures of an energy-efficient home are aimed to add value. The resale value of an energy-efficient home is also considerably high because of the sustainable amenities. Energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances save cost and enhance property value. In essence, an energy-efficient home is a green home that renders a high return on investment in the long run.

5. Energy Star

Energy Star is a program introduced by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency to determine the energy efficiency of material, equipment, products, and appliances. An energy-efficient home utilizes material that is Energy Star-rated, such as water heaters, cooling systems, building material, lighting fixtures, fans, and heating systems.

6. Home Plan

The planning of eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes undergoes multiple planning and construction phases to optimize results. The passive solar system is part of the plan to ensure that energy is produced without mechanical devices. Alternatively, these house systems have cool roofing material, glazed windows, and overhangs to reduce the need for air conditioning further.

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You can build your own green home using green home design and energy-efficient materials. At GH Builders, we offer environmental-friendly construction services from planning to finish. We also offer inspections, honest advice, and fixed-price contracts so enjoy the experience of building a green home from start to end. Get in touch with us today!

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The Interplay of Green Homes and Water Efficiency

As the world becomes more aware of the need for sustainable living, green homes have become a popular choice for homebuilders and homeowners. As we strive to make our homes more energy-efficient, many homeowners overlook the benefits of water efficiency. Water is the life source of everyone on our planet, and anything that we can do to conserve it is a step in the right direction.

Why is Water Conservation Important?

The need for water efficiency in homes is especially critical in dry climates and in areas where water supplies are limited. It’s also important in areas where water is abundant, as it is our moral duty to help save the planet and not take resources for granted. Water is also essential for clean energy production from sources such as hydropower.

There are many ways to make your home more efficient when it comes to using water and energy to heat it. Some may require an investment at the outset but will pay off over time through reduced utility bills.

Achieving Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is about more than conservation, however. It’s also about using less energy to heat, cool, and pump water throughout your home. Heating and cooling appliances such as hot water tanks are major users of electricity. Everyone can start contributing to water conservation efforts by doing small things like closing the tap while brushing and installing dual flush toilets. These have two buttons; one for solid waste and one for liquid waste, which requires less water to flush. By installing this, every family can save thousands of gallons of water that can be used in other productive things like green farming etc. Homeowners can also install low-flow showerheads. These showers use significantly less energy to heat water. This leads to massive savings in water costs as well as energy costs.

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Looking for Custom Home Builders in Texas?

At GH Builders, we are at the forefront to help minimize the impact of the construction industry on the environment. Our green homes are built to be energy efficient, which translates into lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint. We are proud to be a  certified green home builder in the US on a mission to change the world one building at a time. Check out our virtual display village here.

We also love sharing our experience and offer other home builders in America the chance to become GH Builders Master Partners.

If you are looking for green contractors in Texas or want to own our construction franchise, then contact us today, and our friendly staff will assist you as soon as possible.

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Eco-Friendly Homes: Do We Need Them?

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed people coming together to build a world that is more health-oriented and helps the environment. One such step that many people are taking is upgrading their typical houses to eco-friendly homes. Those who can’t do this are relocating to eco-friendly homes instead. But are eco-friendly homes a need, or are they just a hype?

Here’s an in-depth discussion on the importance of environmentally friendly homes.

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Low Maintenance

The truth is that the inflation rate in the US is at an all-time high, and many young people are struggling to find more affordable living options. Even though eco-friendly homes have a higher building cost than typical US homes, their maintenance and operation costs are considerably lower, making them more affordable in the long run.

These green homes regulate the efficient use of water and other energy sources, allowing users to cut down their energy bills. In addition, eco-friendly buildings allow sunlight to light up the rooms of the building, minimizing the use of artificial lights, helping you reduce electricity bills!

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Since we spend most of our day inside our houses, indoor air quality significantly impacts our health. According to research, indoor air pollutants cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. In addition, poor indoor air quality is also responsible for respiratory diseases and frequent headaches and fatigue.

On the other hand, eco-friendly homes use sustainable building materials that regulate the flow of fresh air and sunlight. Most building contractors use operable windows to improve indoor air quality. In addition, they also replace toxic building material with environmentally friendly, recycled products.

Reduce Strain on Local Shared Resources

As the global population increases, local shared resources like water and electricity come under major strain. This is why local governments have to ensure that everyone gets an equal share of these resources, which creates other problems. In addition, electricity-producing resources like coal and water are limited, making their distribution more challenging.

However, eco-friendly homes collect rainwater in barrels for home gardens and more, allowing people to build their own resources. Moreover, these homes use the latest technologies to reduce electricity use, minimizing the strain on locally-shared resources.

They Help Save the Environment

Perhaps the most important reason why eco-friendly homes are necessary is their impact on the environment. The construction industry is responsible for significant environmental pollution, as construction processes emits a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane in the air.

This methane increases the carbon footprint, responsible for 50% of the climatic change. Moreover, construction processes also produce large amounts of land waste that takes years to decompose or recycle.

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Well, the answer to the question ‘do we need eco-friendly homes?’ is ‘yes definitely!’.

With eco-friendly home construction, we can truly make a difference for the environment and our lives. At GH Builders, we allow you to build your own green home with the assistance of our green home builders near you.

Get in touch with us and kickstart your green home construction in Texas today!

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Secrets to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

You might have often heard people talk about living in environmentally-friendly homes, but do you know what makes a green home?

Green home builders follow certain practices to ensure that an eco-friendly home does what it’s supposed to — save energy and help the environment. If you’re confused about what makes an eco-friendly house, let us help!

Here are some practices that green home builders use in building an eco-friendly home.

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Build with Sustainable Materials

You might be aware that an eco-friendly home uses smart appliances, but do you know that home builders use sustainable material to build an eco-friendly home?

Home builders now have multiple options to choose from when building an eco-friendly house. These options include salvaged wood, recycled insulation material, and wood products with sustainability certifications.

In addition, home builders also use sustainable materials while building and decorating the interior of eco-friendly houses. For instance, they use hard-wax oils and low VOC paints instead of typical flooring, which otherwise releases air pollutants. This sustainable material improves indoor air quality, improving lung health. In addition, it also minimizes the risk of respiratory diseases in residents.

Smaller Houses Are Better Than Bigger Ones

Many green home builders prefer building smaller homes instead of larger houses. The reason behind this secret is that smaller homes need fewer building materials, reducing the use of too many sustainable building products.

In addition, home builders also need less energy to regulate the temperature of a smaller house. Therefore, if you’re looking to get a green home, we recommend opting for a small home that’s both trendy and energy-efficient!

Conserving Water is Every Eco-Friendly House’s Purpose

Besides cutting the electricity bills and saving energy, builders also design eco-friendly houses to conserve water. It’s no secret that the world’s population is continuously increasing, and the water reservoirs are limited. According to research, the world’s freshwater supply will run out by 2040, creating a threatening situation.

In such an increasingly alarming situation, green home builders are determined to create homes that save water. Some of the features of eco-friendly homes that focus on saving water include dual flush toilets, low flow taps, and low-volume bathroom fixtures.

Landscaping Makes a Difference

Do you know that a green home builder does landscaping to deal with the house’s impact on the landscape? These steps include collecting rainwater from the roofs into barrels, using them later, and making it easier for rainwater to penetrate the soil instead of rolling away.

Landscaping in an eco-friendly home

Try Eco-friendly Home Construction

With an eco-friendly home, you’ll be helping the environment by saving resources like water and electricity. At GH Builders, our eco-friendly home builders provide the best service standards while eco-friendly construction in your desired location.

Reach out to us and see how construction impacts your life!

Fighting for the Future: Green Construction Takes Off in a Big Way

When a sustainable building technique is developed by experts, this helps communities become more attractive and liveable. Thanks to these experts, ordinary people are now far more able to help protect our green Earth with homes built right. These days, eco-conscious building with recycled materials has become affordable. When you use green methods and techniques, this helps you ensure you are living a life that has zero negative impact on your ecosystem. Over the course of your life, being an environmental activist will ensure that you will have a stronger foundation for healthy living. If you do build a home using green construction methods, be sure to install solar panels on your property.

The ongoing growth of the green home revolution will help give the public a better understanding of how to live sustainably and care for the land. Maintaining a green home forces, you to go outside of your comfort zone and learn more about green living. Water filtration systems are ideal accessories for green homes. When water was cleaner and greener, a lot of chronic health problems were less common in the populace. Green home construction franchises can help pollution in a top-down, democratic fashion.

Because water is life, it is in our best interest to have cleaner water sources throughout society. When ecological health is properly prioritized, the entire society seems to operate on a more even footing. Franchises that specialize in green construction deserve plenty of appreciation from the most important stakeholders in society.

Building an ecologically sound structure will almost certainly lead to greater environmental awareness in your neighborhood. When researching the effective use of appropriate materials in green building, focus on techniques that can reduce your energy consumption over the long term. Together, we can successfully defend this green Earth with homes that are sophisticated and modern.