A room in an eco-friendly home

Eco-Friendly Homes: Do We Need Them?

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed people coming together to build a world that is more health-oriented and helps the environment. One such step that many people are taking is upgrading their typical houses to eco-friendly homes. Those who can’t do this are relocating to eco-friendly homes instead. But are eco-friendly homes a need, or are they just a hype?

Here’s an in-depth discussion on the importance of environmentally friendly homes.

A room in an eco-friendly home

Low Maintenance

The truth is that the inflation rate in the US is at an all-time high, and many young people are struggling to find more affordable living options. Even though eco-friendly homes have a higher building cost than typical US homes, their maintenance and operation costs are considerably lower, making them more affordable in the long run.

These green homes regulate the efficient use of water and other energy sources, allowing users to cut down their energy bills. In addition, eco-friendly buildings allow sunlight to light up the rooms of the building, minimizing the use of artificial lights, helping you reduce electricity bills!

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Since we spend most of our day inside our houses, indoor air quality significantly impacts our health. According to research, indoor air pollutants cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. In addition, poor indoor air quality is also responsible for respiratory diseases and frequent headaches and fatigue.

On the other hand, eco-friendly homes use sustainable building materials that regulate the flow of fresh air and sunlight. Most building contractors use operable windows to improve indoor air quality. In addition, they also replace toxic building material with environmentally friendly, recycled products.

Reduce Strain on Local Shared Resources

As the global population increases, local shared resources like water and electricity come under major strain. This is why local governments have to ensure that everyone gets an equal share of these resources, which creates other problems. In addition, electricity-producing resources like coal and water are limited, making their distribution more challenging.

However, eco-friendly homes collect rainwater in barrels for home gardens and more, allowing people to build their own resources. Moreover, these homes use the latest technologies to reduce electricity use, minimizing the strain on locally-shared resources.

They Help Save the Environment

Perhaps the most important reason why eco-friendly homes are necessary is their impact on the environment. The construction industry is responsible for significant environmental pollution, as construction processes emits a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane in the air.

This methane increases the carbon footprint, responsible for 50% of the climatic change. Moreover, construction processes also produce large amounts of land waste that takes years to decompose or recycle.

An environmentally-friendly bathroom

Well, the answer to the question ‘do we need eco-friendly homes?’ is ‘yes definitely!’.

With eco-friendly home construction, we can truly make a difference for the environment and our lives. At GH Builders, we allow you to build your own green home with the assistance of our green home builders near you.

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