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Challenges Faced By Builders In Selling Green Homes

The rise in energy consumption and a growing carbon footprint in the country is due to the unsustainability of most buildings and residential properties. In fact, around 45% of total carbon emissions are a direct consequence of buildings’ extensive energy consumption. Green home building companies have now recognized this issue and are now designing and building sustainable homes to combat the problem.

Despite the skyrocketing demand for environmentally friendly homes, many new green home contractors fail to generate higher profits from them or get the offer they’re looking for. While the use of resources from qualified eco-friendly building companies can always help, here are three challenges faced by most builders selling green homes.

The Idea of Green Homes Being Expensive

There’s a popular assumption among the consumer markets that sustainable home designs aren’t only trendy but also incredibly expensive.

While it may sound costly initially, an environmentally friendly home offers instant returns, maximum cost savings, energy savings, and long-term durability, making it worth a buyer’s consideration.

As a green home builder, you can always tackle this challenge by identifying all the ways a house is more efficient with sustainable design elements. This will also give your buyers a fair idea of how they’re likely to save costs in the longer run.

Lack of Substantial Awareness About Sustainable Home Designs

Another reason why many builders struggle to sell green homes is that there isn’t much awareness and knowledge about the need for eco-friendly homes in the housing market.

Despite the urgency to fight climate change and reduce individual carbon footprint, many buyers fail to realize the significance of investing in and living in sustainable homes. The best way to overcome this is to engage in a thoughtful discourse about what makes houses eco-friendly and how they can help homeowners contribute towards a healthier planet.

Lack of Proper Certification

Lastly, the only thing getting in the way of you selling green homes is the lack of proper certification. Most buyers tend to trust green home builders based on their certifications. Therefore, it’s incredibly essential to get the accreditation you need to become a credible green home contractor.

Our e-book, Building a Green Home, can further guide you on the steps you need to take to become a certified green home builder in the country.

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