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Are you a qualified builder with a passion for developing sustainable and efficient homes? GH Builders is a global builder of Green Homes, seeking to partner with territory developers in order to expand across the U.S. market. As a GH Builders Master Partner, you can build your custom home builders franchise to cater for this fast growing market, and our vast resources combined with your passion and drive will allow you to enhance your community through technology and infrastructure.

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With Over 60 Green Home Building Ideas and Unwavering Support, You Can Develop Your Area to Provide the Ultimate Way of Living

As a GH Builders Master Partner, you will be delivering the ultimate in environmentally friendly living, making a difference in the way people live their lives. With over 60 custom green homes designs in our portfolio, you'll receive the most cutting-edge leadership and developmental resources that will let you stand out above the rest. It's not often in life that we feel that we truly make a difference; through our management and consultation practices, we can help you to create the vision you have always dreamed of offering your customers.

Take the First Step Towards Creating Genius

It is time to enact real change on this world. GH Builders is interested in partnering with you to bring your eco-friendly green home ideas to fruition. We have shifted the modern home paradigm to incorporate environmental awareness in a contemporary aesthetic, and as a luxury custom home builders franchise, you are a very important part of this process. No matter the region, your development savviness combined with our Green Cloud management resources and global training will create genius for your clients. The GH Builders process is the next step forward for great territory developers, so together we can build a better, greener world.

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