Do you want to be a Generalist or Specialist?

Who would you prefer to build your home?

When posed with this question most builders might think the most beneficial approach is to be a generalist. Be adaptable and open to multiple project avenues which will allow you a greater choice of projects and a multitude of customers to talk too. 

However, when this question is posed to consumers the data show that the majority say that they would like a specialist builder to build their home. Someone who is an expert in their field, an industry leader and the best they can be. 

It is understandable that consumers feel that by hiring a specialist they ultimately will have a better outcome. They will have a better home, built to a better quality and have a better experience.

The fastest growing space in the construction industry today is all about efficiency. People around the world are expecting homes to be efficient and sustainable and many cannot understand why this isn’t a critical element in any design or selection of a new home or considered when planning a renovation. While there is an abundance of consumers looking for expert and specialist builders in the Green space, there is a very limited number of Builders and even a lower number of actual builders who truly understand the Green Principles practically. The construction industry hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. We are in volume, still building with the same principles and same processes as we were in the 1970s. However, the same will not be said for the next 5 to 10 years. By the end of the next decade we will view our homes with these expectations in mind and we will be building them completely differently. They may look similar, but they will be smart healthy low-cost environments. This is what the consumer mindset is today and for the change to occur it needs to be consumer driven.

Consumers around the world are being impacted by large companies such as Tesla, Google, SpaceX and the like. Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before in history and consequently people are expecting their homes to be a better place to live. 

We have governments pushing legislation for more sustainable homes. They are introducing increased standards. Product manufactures have for a long time been producing efficient and sustainable products. This whole movement gets traction on the ground and the missing link is the qualified Builder who can make it happen in a project.

So the question is, Do you want to be a Specialist Green Builder, Building green homes with a business that has an abundance of opportunity or would you like to remain a generalist hoping the status que will continue. 

The builders who will be thriving in the coming years are the builders who are prepared and acting in this space as experts and specialists.  Where Green Homes fits the puzzle is we have developed a turn key solution for Builders and Area developers to take advantage of this booming industry. We have developed the training, systems and processes and the brand to enable our partners to step into this space and become recognized experts and specialist.

Saving Money With Your Green Home

When you build a green home, you’re not just saving money on energy bills. You’re doing your part to benefit the environment. If you’re thinking about finding a company that builds green earth homes, then consider a few tips and ideas that can offer the most benefits and that can help you stay within your budget. The first thing that you need to do is find just the right location. When you’re building your home, try to position it so that it faces east instead of west as this can help to keep it cooler, decreasing your energy consumption during the summer months.

Consider how many people will be living in the home. Sometimes, a smaller home is better even if there are a few people who will be there so that you don’t use as much electricity and so that there aren’t as many building materials used. When you’re looking at appliances, consider those that have an ENERGY STAR rating as they tend to use less energy than others.

Make sure your home is properly insulated and that the windows and doors close securely. This will help to keep cold and hot air out of your home, which can decrease the energy that you use from the HVAC unit or other types of air conditioning or heating sources. Another tip when building green earth homes that can save money and that can keep items from ending up in a landfill is to recycle products that you find. Materials like old doors and windows that can be reused and renovated can be put in your green home instead of buying items that are new. Materials that you do need to buy new should be made of durable components that won’t deteriorate after a short time along with being environmentally friendly, such as bamboo or cork.

The Joys Of Self-Employment In The Construction Industry Keywords: Green Dome Homes

Self-employed contractors who build green dome homes are among the most solid citizens in the national community. By getting involved with an eco-friendly construction company, it is possible for virtually any person to master their destiny in a profound, permanent manner. The green construction industry has done a lot to make life more livable for people who are self-employed and struggling to maintain normal, middle-class lifestyles. Although people generally do their best to find satisfaction as employees low on the organizational chart, lack of independence and self-direction can bring people down. People who become self-employed franchise owners can potentially experience a dramatic improvement in life quality.

Becoming self-employed in green construction is one of the most dramatic things a person can do to achieve greater control over their destiny. Self-employed people generally enjoy much greater flexibility when it comes to hours. Though it is certain that people must work very hard to succeed through entrepreneurship, it is also certain that self-employed people are freer to take personal days and sick days.

By all accounts, this is a time when it is newly easy for people to experience the joy that can come from self-employment and self-sufficiency. Ideally, the national government would do more to encourage people to start their own businesses. During the Bush administration, President Bush urged the creation of an “ownership nation.” If far more people owned businesses and directed their fate, more ordinary people would feel like stakeholders.

Arguably, this could, in turn, lead to more expressions of pride in society’s shared institutions. When more people feel invested in the health of a society, that society can experience lower rates of crime, alienation and depression. Building green dome homes is a great way to become an entrepreneur in the construction industry. Reportedly, eco-friendly builder franchises have made it incredibly simple to get started in the green construction sector.

Homes That Are Energy Efficient

The Wonders of Residences That Are Energy Efficient

The world is changing rapidly all the time. It can sometimes be tough for people to be able to keep up. Homes that are energy efficient are popping up all over the planet. People gravitate to these kinds of residences for a broad assortment of reasons. They do so out of the desire to be kind to the globe and to its resources. They do so out of the desire to minimize their monthly energy-related expenses as well. If you want to invest in green earth homes, then it’s up to you to contact us at GH Builders. GH Builders is a trusted business that concentrates on the construction of residences that are 100 percent green.

Meet GH Builders

GH Builders has the distinction of being the United States’ sole green construction firm that has certification. We abide by the regulations that were set forth by the respected International Standards Organization. Our team members exhaustively assess all components of the home construction process. If you want to work with aficionados who can assist you with insulation, leaks, waterproofing, slabs, painting, H20 storage, frames, flooring and a whole lot more, then nothing can top working with GH Builders. We know how to design homes in manners that make full sense. If you devote a lot of time to thinking about residences that are associated with energy efficiency, then we can without a doubt come to your rescue.

Call GH Builders for Details About Franchise Openings and Beyond

If you want to find out all that you can about green earth homes, we can aid you here at GH Builders. Our team members have solid backgrounds in the construction of all kinds of energy efficient properties. Drop our pleasant company a line A.S.A.P.

Reasons To Choose An Energy Efficient Home Builders Franchise

Working in the construction industry is not always easy, particularly in major urban areas where this is a lot of competition. On the same hand, working in a rural area can be a challenge as well, particularly if there is already an established home builder that has name recognition in the limited market.

One of the best ways for a startup residential construction company or an established construction company looking for a niche market to expand is to consider becoming a franchise. A franchise offers several important benefits that are impossible for a small business or a startup building contractor to do on their own.

Types of Franchises

A very important consideration when selecting a franchise is to choose one that has relevance in your area both now and in the future. A very relevant niche market in any location in the United States is buying into an energy efficient home builders franchise.

This creates a distinction between you and the rest of the market, plus it is a market area that is underserved in the United States but of increasing importance to interest to custom home customers.

What Does the Franchise Provide?

It is essential for anyone considering an investment in an energy efficient home builders franchise to do their homework. Make sure the franchise is stable and is generating an income for current franchisees. You should be able to talk to current franchisees in the United States and find out what the franchise really offers in the way of support, marketing, advertising, and reputation.

Branding and reputation of the franchise as a whole are critical to partnering with an energy efficient home builders franchise. Your business reputation and branding can significantly benefit from a top franchise, but it can also be negatively impacted if the parent organization has a poor reputation in franchise support.