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How Can You Make Your Home Greener?

A green home is just as good for your wallet and your health as it is for the environment. Recent utility costs and global warming indicate that our natural resources are becoming scarce and will continue to do so unless we become more Eco-conscious.

As a leading green home building company in Texas, we have explained a few easy ways to make your home more Eco-friendly.

Switch to VOC-Free Products

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are dangerous for your health and the environment. These compounds cause headaches, nausea, and irritation to your skin, eyes or respiratory system. They are usually found in cleaning products and paints, so you can switch to no/low VOC supplies to make your home greener. You can easily find environment-friendly supplies at any local or online store.

Explore Composting

Composting is a great way to recycle organic waste, such as food scraps (except meat), leaves, etc., to enrich the soil and plants. When the food waste is sent to the landfill without recycling, it releases methane gas into the atmosphere, contributing to greenhouse gases. You can prevent that by composting organic waste in a worm or composting bin. Due to the increased environmental considerations, you’ll find many composting sites in your neighborhood.

Conserve Water

Knowingly or unknowingly, you waste a lot of water every day, putting a strain on this already scarce resource. By reducing water consumption, you can preserve this water for future generations.

Installing aerators on your faucets will decrease the heavy flow of water; fix the broken pipes and valves around the building to prevent wastage. For the garden, stick to native vegetation because they require less water and fertilizer. You can also install a grey water recycling system that recycles the wastewater to gardens and toilets. Moreover, try to wash your clothes in cold water and air-dry them to reduce electricity consumption.

Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., consume the most energy in a home. Replacing them with their energy-efficient counterparts can significantly affect your energy consumption.

Only buy electrical appliances that are Energy Star certified. Energy Star is the government’s initiative to rate the products according to their energy efficiency. Some electricity providers also replace old appliances with efficient ones, so explore this option too. Once your home is equipped with energy-efficient appliances, your electricity consumption will automatically reduce, and so will the bills.

Use Solar Energy

Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) convert sunlight into electricity to operate electrical appliances. This energy source is becoming increasingly popular worldwide in commercial and residential buildings because it liberates people from using expensive electricity.

Besides harnessing electricity for your home, you can use solar energy for various purposes, like improving indoor lighting, heating the home in winters, heating water, etc.

Solar panels

At GH Builders, we offer custom green homes in the US and embrace eco-friendliness at each step of our home building process, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. Our green builders are certified green by ISO and offer exceptional end products. Check out our home designs.

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4 Eco-Friendly Trends to Embrace in Construction Projects

As more and more people realize their environmental responsibility, the construction industry is also moving towards sustainability and efficiency. Doubtlessly, construction projects significantly impact the environment due to their high resource consumption, leading to enormous waste, emission, and pollution.

They can adopt environmentally friendly ways to build homes and commercial properties with a more eco-conscious approach. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Biodegradable Materials

Traditional building materials and methods generate a lot of chemicals and toxic waste; much of this waste takes hundreds of years to degrade. By the time it starts degrading, it has already contaminated the surroundings. Switching to biodegradable materials is a great step toward sustainable construction.

For example, organic paints quickly break down without releasing toxins compared to regular paints. Similarly, you can use many other biodegradable materials for building walls, foundations, and insulators to implement material efficiency.

2. Green Insulation

Insulation is a major part of construction projects. Many people go overboard without realizing that it just adds simple wall filters that don’t require top-notch, expensive materials, most of which are mostly nonrenewable. However, green insulation eliminates the need to use such materials and offers an excellent sustainable alternative.

Green insulation reuses old materials such as newspaper, denim, etc., to line the walls and offer the same results as conventional insulation.

3. Electric and Battery Operated Construction Equipment

Traditional construction equipment that uses fuel and gases to operate releases many emissions that increase air pollution. In comparison, electric equipment is more ecofriendly. Generally, electric equipment was limited to hand-held tools and smaller jobs. Still, with the technological advancements, we are not seeing a lot of great electric construction equipment that can handle tougher jobs.

The more electric equipment you use, the lesser emissions and fuel expenses. These machines are also much quieter, reducing noise pollution and keeping the communities comfortable. Also, the construction builders will experience reduced ear damage and work peacefully.

4. Green Buildings

Besides using environment-friendly materials and equipment, you can also build eco-friendly and sustainable homes. Building green homes are one of the most significant trends in construction projects that help the environment, developers, and residents.

Commercial and residential buildings account for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and consume 40% of US energy. But with green buildings, you can help people reduce their carbon footprint and save the environment.

Eco-friendly home

There are many environmental, economic, and social benefits of green homes. Builders can reduce their consumption by recycling materials, using less energy and water, and creating sustainable designs such as solar panels, large windows, skylights, watertight and airtight doors, green insulation, and acoustic walls. Green buildings have higher property value for developers, lower the construction expenses and attract more buyers because people living in these buildings will pay lower utility bills.

GH Builders USA is a leading eco-friendly home building company in the US. With us, you can build your own green home with low-cost and high-quality renewable materials. Our experienced and sustainable home builders will help you pick modern designs and energy-efficient solutions. Contact us for details.

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How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Let’s Explore!

Severe and frequent storms, extreme heat waves, wildfires- the impacts of global warming and climate change are felt worldwide. While these impacts are getting severe over time, you can still make a huge difference by reducing your carbon footprint and encouraging your friends and family too.

There are many simple ways that help you be kind to the environment; every little step has a big impact on our earth. Below are a few ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle:

Learn the 5 Rs

The first step toward reducing your carbon footprint is going zero waste, and practicing the 5 R’s will help with that. You already know about the three R’s, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, but there are two more, Refuse and Rot.

  1. Refuse: first, you need to stop buying single-use products made of plastic and paper and opt for reusables
  2. Reduce: Be mindful of what you consume and purchase, and cut down on stuff you don’t need. Try to buy as many environmentally friendlyproducts as you can.
  3. Reuse: Repair and upcycle things instead of throwing them away
  4. Rot: don’t throw away the food; instead, set up a compost system or send it to a food scrap center like a community garden or farmers’ market
  5. Recycle: If you have any product made of paper, metal, plastic, or glass that you can’t reuse, reduce or refuse, make sure you’re properly recycling them according to your state laws

Maintain Your Car’s Tires

When car tires have low pressure, it works much harder than usual to move from one point to another, emitting more gases. It also consumes more fuel, so it’s best to keep the tires properly inflated and maintain them regularly to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Conserve Water

It’s highly important to conserve water by reducing usage and wastage. There’s a limited amount of water on the earth, and it’s important to protect our waterways before it’s too late.

Eat More Plant Foods

Eating plant-based food is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint because the dairy and meat industries are the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

Raising farm animals for food produces large amounts of methane gas which is much more toxic than carbon dioxide. This gas is one of the leading causes of global warming and deforestation. You don’t need to give up meat straight away; start by going meat-free for one day a week and slowly reduce your consumption. Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Drive Less and Bike More

Riding a bike is a great physical activity and will also help the environment because traditional cars pollute the air. Did you know that vehicles produce one-third of air pollution in the US? If you can’t ride a bike for some reason, switch to public transport or carpool. This will put fewer cars on the road and reduces air pollution.

Eco-Friendly Homes 

Most homes consume and waste a lot of energy, leading to many climate problems. You can switch to a green home that will offer energy-efficiency solutions to help you save electricity bills and carbon footprint.

A custom eco-friendly home in Texas, US

GH Builders USA is the leading green home building company in the US. Our sustainable home builders in Texas offer custom eco-friendly homes with high-quality renewable materials and energy-efficiency options. For more details, reach out to us.

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What Makes GH Builders The Most Reliable Green Building Contractor?

With the rising energy costs and global warming, people are turning their eyes toward sustainability and energy efficiency. At GH Builders, we are lending a helping hand by embracing green construction methods and eco-friendly building materials.

The construction industry contributes to 25%–40% of the carbon emissions worldwide and produces millions of tonnes of wastage. Our goal is to bring the change this industry needs with our sustainable construction that involves techniques, projects, and processes that minimize environmental impact. Here’s what makes us the most reliable green building contractors in the US:

Custom Home Designs with Top Quality

When it comes to green homes, many homeowners feel they won’t have enough flexibility to choose high-quality materials, modern design, and layouts. However, we give complete freedom to our clients to choose their dream home design.

With extensive experience building green homes in different countries, we offer contemporary homes while ensuring eco-friendliness. Every fitting, surface, appliance, and switch will have a top-quality finish.

Another major concern of homebuyers and homeowners is the budget. Our builders can offer top-notch solutions no matter what your budget is. They make sure to consider all the requirements, including budget, features, and climate, so you can get a home that suits your lifestyle.

ISO 50001 Compliance

ISO 50001 is a global energy management standard that helps us become more resilient against energy consumption, availability, and cost. We are the only builders in America to be certified green by ISO because of our sustainable approach and implementation of all the energy-efficiency standards.

Due to our ISO green certification, we are required to offer additional inspections to ensure high quality. Other contractors only provide basic inspections for practical completion, but we offer independent inspections such as weather seals, leakage and insulations, site and earthworks, plumbing and electrical, etc. Click here to check our inspection list.

Sustainable Builders

We pride ourselves as sustainable builders in the US because of our highly eco-conscious approach. While building a home, here are the factors that we consider:

  • Material efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Waste reduction
  • Water efficiency
  • Operations optimization
  • Environmental quality enhancements
  • Structure design efficiency, etc.

You may find a lot of builders that will offer you energy-efficient homes, but they will not use an eco-friendly approach in their construction process. We call ourselves sustainable contractors and builders because we ensure sustainability in every step of building your home, from materials to equipment and wastage to emissions.

Fully Inclusive Quote

We understand how frustrating hidden charges and surprise fees can be for homeowners; therefore, we offer a fully inclusive quote that doesn’t leave out anything. We also offer fixed-price contracts to our clients and the final cost will be the same as the one mentioned.

From day one of the business, we made sure not to offer empty promises, meaningless advice, or lies to our customers. Our honesty and transparency are the core values of our company.

International Builders

We started our work in Australia in 2006 and expanded to New Zealand and the US. Green Home Builders is home to international builders with unique skills and expertise. They work with our clients to deliver quality homes with customized features and designs that stand out from the rest.

Home builders discussing a project

Whether you want to build a green home from scratch or rebuild it on your existing home, we can take care of all your needs. Our green home contractors in the US will use an environmentally friendly approach to create the sustainable home of your dreams. Call us now to get started.

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How To Build Your Own Green Home and Save Energy Bills? Let’s Find Out!

With the increasing electricity consumption and demand, energy costs are rising substantially worldwide. People are looking for more energy-efficient ways, and building a green home is an excellent way to achieve that.

While building a green home, it’s essential to steer clear of extravagant trends that have no real purpose and increase global gas emissions. Add personal touches, and commit to carbon-neutral, clean, and green living to leave a good impact on the planet.

Green homes are intelligently designed to reduce energy and other natural resource consumption. Here’s how you can build them for maximum energy savings:

Invest in Green Insulation

Insulation is a great way to save energy bills, but it’s best to stick to green insulation to keep your home environmentally friendly. Many homeowners go overboard with insulation and use expensive materials without realizing they are harmful to the environment.

The purpose of insulation is to add filters to the walls to reduce air escape and heat absorption. Choose renewable and recycled materials like denim and newspaper to line the walls. Green insulation costs much less than traditional insulation, has greater thermal insulation values, and has less impact on the planet.

Set Up Solar Panels

You already know how great solar panels are when it comes to saving energy bills. They use sunlight to produce electricity and help you reduce your carbon footprint. You can either power your entire home with solar panels or use it for a specific area that uses the most electricity, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

While installing solar panels, your home’s orientation also plays an important role. Make sure that the most exposure is to the south so you can take advantage of the sun in the northern hemisphere.

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances

Installing energy-efficient appliances is an effective way to lower your energy bills while being kinder to the environment. Check out the ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, fixtures, and windows and add them to your home. These windows have high-quality frames, coated glass and noble gas insulation between panes, multiple panes features, and other benefits that keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Adding these features to your home will put less pressure on your HVAC system, and you’ll observe a significant difference in energy consumption.

Minimal and Simple Home Designs over Complexity

When building your home, you should aim for functionality and purpose rather than ornamentation and extravagance. If you consider eco-consciousness in the initial steps of your home, you’ll be on the right path to saving the planet.

Complex designs and architecture lead to much wastage during construction and demolition. Simple home designs cost less, are easier to build, and don’t require harmful non-renewable materials that release toxic fumes. Clean roof lines, spacious rooms, large windows, natural elements, etc.—all these things can create a durable and sustainable home while looking aesthetically appealing.

A green home in Texas, US

At GH Builders USA, we build the green home of your dreams. We allow our clients the freedom to choose their own design and layout and offer valuable insights to create a sustainable home.

Getting a custom home built according to your imagination, preferences, and lifestyle is no less than a dream come true. Click here to get yours now.

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How Do Green Home Designs Incorporate Energy Efficiency?

With the US buildings being directly responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption, green home designs are becoming necessary. These designs are eco-friendly with modern architecture and use a smart approach to use less energy for the same outcomes.

Green buildings are doubtlessly the future of the real estate industry. From raw materials to finished projects, these designs use an eco-conscious approach to save the planet and offer sustainable solutions. Here’s how these homes incorporate energy efficiency.

Reduced Cooling and Heating Needs

Considering how energy costs have skyrocketed worldwide, this is probably the best feature of a green home design. Reduced cooling and heating needs help people stay comfortable, decrease energy consumption and save money on increasing bills.

Typically a lot of cold or hot air from HVAC systems escapes through the cracks and holes in a traditional home design, leading to increased energy consumption to maintain a comfortable temperature. Eco-friendly home designs have well-insulated windows and walls that help keep air from escaping or entering from outside. These homes also have intelligent designs for attics and other openings to make sure that your HVAC system doesn’t have to use much energy.

Many green building companies offer home energy audits where you can see whether air is escaping from your home or not. They use thermal mapping to identify the area and offer appropriate solutions.

Making the Most of Natural Sources

Besides HVAC, lighting also contributes to energy consumption. Green home designs are intelligently designed to reduce the need for using lights during the daytime. These designs replace conventional products and appliances with energy-efficient appliances such as LEDs, automatic daylight shut-off, etc. Did you know that LED bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs? They only need 20–25% of the energy compared to other light bulbs and last much longer, so you don’t need to replace them quite often.

Green builders make the most of sunlight for heating and lighting purposes; they add large windows where natural light illuminates the most. These design elements add an aesthetic appeal and freshen up the whole space, making your home look bigger and better. In addition, these homes also have solar panels to use sunlight as their energy resource.

A modern home with large windows

Smart Appliances

Green home designs incorporate smart appliances and technology that promote less energy consumption than traditional appliances. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great technology that increases the energy efficiency of appliances. These devices are connected via the internet and help homeowners track, monitor and reduce their energy use to keep their house as efficient as possible.

ENERGY STAR is a government program that rates different appliances according to their energy efficiency. Green builders incorporate such appliances in home designs to preserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

The process of making a house energy-efficient starts from construction. Sustainable builders use eco-friendly materials to build green homes. These materials limit carbon emission, are biodegradable, reduce toxic wastage, and last much longer. In addition, builders try their best to source them locally to reduce travel and fuel consumption.

At GH Builders, we follow all the green practices and methods in our home designs and construction process. Every step of our home building ensures sustainability and eco-friendliness. We also have ISO 50001 certification that encourages energy efficiency in everything we do. If you want to check out our green custom home designs or have any queries, reach out to us now.

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Real Estate Developers – How Can You Contribute to the Environment?

Climate change threatens all human beings and industries, including real estate. The extreme heatwaves are causing electricity bills to spike, and rising sea levels sweep away the stunning beach houses. While these physical risks are quite well known, many real estate developers don’t realize how they contribute to climate change and carbon emissions.

The real estate sector produces approximately 50% of global CO2 emissions, most of which is from building operations and materials. Real estate developers and home building companies must work on reducing resource consumption and CO2 emissions to reach the global and national climate goals. Here are a few ways to do that:

Leveraging Advanced Technology

Combining real estate technology with smart and green urban designs can alleviate global environmental challenges.

Analyze active energy consumption by incorporating advanced software in design and development processes and optimize passive energy sources for ventilation and lighting designs. Developing green buildings with self-sustainable energy sources, solar roofs, heat recovery systems, and HVAC technologies can decrease energy consumption.

Moreover, you can also use building management software to perform digital inspections. Such software offers crucial data and real-time analytics that can help in preventive maintenance and energy management of properties.

Eco-Friendly Construction Materials and Processes

Many building materials cause significant harm to the environment; common materials like steel, aluminum, and concrete alone are responsible for 23% of global emissions. Moreover, plastic and steel extractions have the biggest and most long-lasting toxic effects. Replacing these materials with environmentally friendly materials such as polyurethane foam, bamboo, pre-cast concrete, etc., can decrease emissions and wastage.

Using recycled materials is also a good way to relieve the environment. Adding certain design elements like insulated air conditioning, windows, walls, and ceilings also lead to less energy consumption in the buildings.

Eco-friendly construction methods also focus on saving water, another crucial yet scarce natural resource. Rainwater harvesting, water pressure reduction, low-flow plumbing fixtures, etc., are common examples of reducing water consumption and wastage during construction projects.

Digital Commercial Activities

Due to the pandemic, many real estate commercial activities were digitized, and properties are now sold, rented, and bought through online channels. The digital property listing websites enhance the buying experience, offer ease and convenience to buyers and sellers, and provide huge relief to the environment. Shifting from traditional real estate offices to digital mediums is decreasing the electricity consumption and eliminating the need for transportation to different properties; this leads to reduced carbon footprint and resource preservation.

Innovation in Design and Development

It’s time to shift from human-centered design to environment-centered design for sustainable real estate development. The demand for real estate will keep growing, so it’s best to innovate green home designs to reduce the industry’s negative impact on the environment.

Focus on ecologically sound solutions to reduce waste and resource consumption in construction and demolition. Green homes backed by smart technology offer many benefits for everyone, including building companies, buyers, and most importantly, the environment.

A green home in Texas

Green Home Builders is the pioneer in creating sustainable designs and building green homes in the US and other parts of the world. Our green builders ensure minimum resource consumption, high-quality results, and compliance with the ISO 50001 standards. If you have more questions for us, feel free to contact us now.

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Learn How We Design Eco-Friendly Homes

Climate change is a mainstream concern for homeowners which is why green design has grown immensely in popularity over the past decade. A lot of people are interested in trying to live in a way that has less impact on the ozone layer surrounding our planet and can also save on energy. The increased awareness and our innate motivation to help mother earth have enabled us to serve countless people in their pursuits of sustainable green homes in regions such as the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Learn how we design eco-friendly homes.

Our Design Philosophy

Green design means several different things to different people. For us, we stick to the core: which is to minimize the use of nonrenewable resources and utilize renewable resources as much as possible. We also try to minimize pollution during the construction process. This helps us build sustainable green homes, and increase energy efficiency in the short, medium, and long term for the home owners.

Using these designs, we help bring down the costs of CO2 emissions per month from 798 lbs. emissions to 489 lbs. emissions per month. Thanks to our philosophy we are the only certified green home builder in the U.S and ensure ISO50001 compliance across the design spectrum.

Our Design Process

We choose eco-friendly and sustainable materials to help reduce your carbon footprint, protect our environment, and improve your home’s indoor air quality. We help people create a safe and sustainable home that saves money on energy bills and looks great to their guests. We have over 90 different designs for people to choose from. You can check them out here. We also offer our valuable clients the option to customize their design according to their lifestyle climate block and budget.

Our Turnkey Solution Process

Our turn-key solution process involves laying strong foundations with options of a joist, bearer, or concrete slab flooring system. We then move towards visualizing the dream house with trusses and frames made of the highest quality sustainable materials. After this, we work towards completing the exterior cladding and roofing. Our team of engineers and designers always have the client onboard in the process and will adjust things along throughout the process. Then we work on completing fixings like plasterboard, linings, and insulation. Lastly, we wait for approval from the client and handover the dream house over to them celebrate with their loved ones.

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Looking to Build Your Own Green Home in Texas?

After years of creating home designs for a living, we’ve learned a great deal about how to design eco-friendly homes. Combine our expertise with the right architects, builders, and designers and you have an Eco-friendly home that looks great while still being mindful of the environment.

At GH Builders, we are one of the best home building companies in the country whose aim is to revolutionize the home construction industry with our eco-friendly home designs. If you are looking for green contractors in Texas, then reach out to us today. We are the only certified green home builder in the US that is ISO 50001 approved.

We also offer construction franchise opportunities to the best green home builders in the US to take their construction business to the next level.

Considerations For Opening A Building And Remodeling Franchise

By now, the benefits of purchasing franchise business has been widely discussed throughout society. While restaurant franchises have arguably received the most publicity, all types of franchises have achieved strong positions in the public consciousness. It seems that for anyone with ambition and self-motivation, buying into a franchise is usually a golden opportunity. Building and remodeling franchises are naturally most attractive for people who enjoy working with their hands. As building projects have become commonplace throughout the nation, more and more people are using the franchise model to get into this industry on the ground level.

Environmentally friendly business franchises continues to get a fair amount of press coverage. Because people from all walks of life have burnished their environmental consciousness as of late, it almost seems that eco-friendly franchises have a built-in fanbase. One should move with deliberation when letting an eco builders and remodeling franchise to buy it. Because purchasing a franchise license can be quite expensive, one will naturally want to make a decision like this with eyes wide open. While most franchises will offer franchisees plenty of tools to succeed, there can be no question that franchises are not all made equally.

If one plans on going into the building industry, it pays to enter with a clearheaded view of the challenges and promises of this field. Although there are plenty of opportunities in building and remodeling for self-driven entrepreneurs, there can be no question that building contracts are often awarded based on political factors. In other words, winning contracts may involve knowing the right people and being connected to the right circles. Although reformers have tried to improve this picture since time immemorial, this is one of the challenges that people need to realistically face. That said, opening eco builders and remodeling franchise is still generally a fine idea.

Advantages To Investing In Eco-Friendly Franchise Opportunities

Have you ever stopped to think about all the trends that have occurred in the construction industry over the last few decades? If you have, there are probably one or two of those trends you wished you had been able to get involved in and become a recognized name in your area.

If you are in the residential construction industry, you already recognize some of the green building trends that have impacted the market in the last few years. In most areas of the United States, there are still very valuable eco-friendly franchise opportunities that are available to savvy residential construction company owners.

What Makes a Franchise a Good Choice?

One of the main reasons most construction companies do not consider eco-friendly franchise opportunities is that this is relatively new in the industry. However, the idea of a franchise offers amazing possibilities and potential.

To help understand the benefits of franchises, consider the following factors that are general to top franchises:

  • Branding – your small construction company only gets credit for the projects you complete. By choosing one of the recognized, globally known eco-friendly franchise opportunities, you can tap into their branding expertise and immediately start bringing in customers.
  • Technology – top franchises provide full support for all aspects of customer relationship management, project management, marketing, advertising, and even business support. This does vary based on the franchise, so be sure to understand exactly what you can access if you buy into the franchise.
  • Years of expertise – a successful franchise wants franchisees also to be successful. They allow you to use their experts, their reputation and their materials and marketing to grow your business, which in turn helps them to grow.

Finding a top eco-friendly or green residential construction franchise is a good investment for the right construction company and contractor. It offers opportunities for growth that would not be possible without the known brand behind you.