An eco-friendly home

Learn How We Design Eco-Friendly Homes

Climate change is a mainstream concern for homeowners which is why green design has grown immensely in popularity over the past decade. A lot of people are interested in trying to live in a way that has less impact on the ozone layer surrounding our planet and can also save on energy. The increased awareness and our innate motivation to help mother earth have enabled us to serve countless people in their pursuits of sustainable green homes in regions such as the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Learn how we design eco-friendly homes.

Our Design Philosophy

Green design means several different things to different people. For us, we stick to the core: which is to minimize the use of nonrenewable resources and utilize renewable resources as much as possible. We also try to minimize pollution during the construction process. This helps us build sustainable green homes, and increase energy efficiency in the short, medium, and long term for the home owners.

Using these designs, we help bring down the costs of CO2 emissions per month from 798 lbs. emissions to 489 lbs. emissions per month. Thanks to our philosophy we are the only certified green home builder in the U.S and ensure ISO50001 compliance across the design spectrum.

Our Design Process

We choose eco-friendly and sustainable materials to help reduce your carbon footprint, protect our environment, and improve your home’s indoor air quality. We help people create a safe and sustainable home that saves money on energy bills and looks great to their guests. We have over 90 different designs for people to choose from. You can check them out here. We also offer our valuable clients the option to customize their design according to their lifestyle climate block and budget.

Our Turnkey Solution Process

Our turn-key solution process involves laying strong foundations with options of a joist, bearer, or concrete slab flooring system. We then move towards visualizing the dream house with trusses and frames made of the highest quality sustainable materials. After this, we work towards completing the exterior cladding and roofing. Our team of engineers and designers always have the client onboard in the process and will adjust things along throughout the process. Then we work on completing fixings like plasterboard, linings, and insulation. Lastly, we wait for approval from the client and handover the dream house over to them celebrate with their loved ones.

Energy efficient home

Looking to Build Your Own Green Home in Texas?

After years of creating home designs for a living, we’ve learned a great deal about how to design eco-friendly homes. Combine our expertise with the right architects, builders, and designers and you have an Eco-friendly home that looks great while still being mindful of the environment.

At GH Builders, we are one of the best home building companies in the country whose aim is to revolutionize the home construction industry with our eco-friendly home designs. If you are looking for green contractors in Texas, then reach out to us today. We are the only certified green home builder in the US that is ISO 50001 approved.

We also offer construction franchise opportunities to the best green home builders in the US to take their construction business to the next level.