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Five Reasons You Should Utilize Sustainable Material in Construction

The construction industry is a very important one, as it helps provide shelter, infrastructure, and job opportunities. It’s also constantly evolving and changing as new technologies and processes are developed.

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As the effects of climate change become more and more apparent, it is more important than ever to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

One way to do this is to utilize sustainable materials in construction. In this guide, we will explore the reasons why you should utilize sustainable materials in construction.

1.     Less Carbon Footprint

While construction projects have a large carbon footprint, using sustainable materials can help to reduce this impact. For example, using recycled steel in construction can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing new steel. Additionally, using sustainably-sourced wood can help reduce deforestation.

2.     Reduced Impact on Ecosystems

What may seem like a small change in how we build can greatly impact ecosystems. Clearing land for development destroys natural habitats. Using sustainable building materials can enable us to reduce the destruction of ecosystems.

3.     Reduced Pollution and Emissions

Construction can be a major source of pollution and emissions if executed poorly. The use of unsustainable materials contributes to this pollution. Prioritizing sustainable materials will enable you to reduce the pollution and emissions created during the construction of large-scale projects.

4.     Improved Indoor Air Quality

Without using chemicals and other pollutants, sustainable materials can improve the indoor air quality of a home or office. Indoor air quality is a big concern for many people, and using sustainable materials is a great way to reduce the number of chemicals in the air.

5.     Improved Aesthetics

Sustainable building practices often result in more aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly home designs because sustainable architects and designers consider the environment when creating their designs. As a result, sustainable buildings tend to be more harmonious with their surroundings.

A environmentally friendly builder creating a blueprint.

As more and more people become interested in sustainable living, it’s no surprise that sustainable materials are becoming more popular in construction. Becoming a green building contractor and teaming up with GH Builders USA through franchising is one way to ensure your construction business doesn’t fall behind.

We use sustainable materials in all our green home construction projects, spearheading a revolution in how buildings—both commercial and residential—are designed and constructed. Visit our virtual display village today to learn more about our sustainability projects.

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What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Building Materials?

Due to increased environmental considerations, most home builders use Eco-friendly materials to build residential and commercial buildings to reduce their carbon footprint.

Using such materials in homes can increase energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. Besides saving money, people also get to live and work in a healthy environment because homes built with Eco-friendly materials are free from allergens, fumes, and any harmful chemicals that cause illnesses. In addition, Eco-friendly homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

If you’re thinking of building a green home, here are some materials to consider:


Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used in building homes and furnishings due to its sustainability and rapid growth. It’s an excellent alternative to pine and cedar, which takes years to grow. The reforestation time of bamboo is less than cedar or pine, and it grows in every part of the world.

It’s a natural composite material with higher compressive strength than many building materials like concrete, bricks, or wood. Besides that, bamboo offers a high strength-to-weight ratio and durability, making it an ideal choice for building structures.

Precast Concrete

Concrete is a major part of buildings due to its endless benefits. It’s a natural material that can be recycled; however, precast concrete is an Eco-friendlier option. While concrete is poured on the construction site, precast concrete is poured into pre-made molds over wire or rebar and then cured. After hardening, this material is shipped and formed into different structures. This helps green builders achieve economies of scale and sustainability.

Recycled Wood

There’s no doubt that harvesting new wood timber is detrimental to the environment; however, recycled wood has a less environmental impact. Green builders reclaim the existing wood in homes and utilize it in new designs. Reclaimed and recycled wood is usually used in flooring to give a home a timeless look.

Recycled Steel

Similarly, steel exists in every traditional home structure and even junk cars. The steel recycled from six cars is enough to build a 2000 sq. ft. building. Doing this saves significant energy costs, making it one of the popular Eco-friendly materials used in buildings.

Rigid Foam

Unlike traditional polyurethane, the plant-based polyurethane rigid form is made from bamboo, hemp, and kelp and used in insulation. Due to its rigid form, it offers durable insulation that prevents pests and mold. Using this material not only makes the walls heat-resistant but also noise-resistant.

Sheep’s Wool

Since sheep’s wool is regrown quickly, most home builders utilize it as insulation for ceilings, walls, and attics. Typically this wool is used to make warm clothes, and similarly, when added to the walls, it keeps the heat from going in and out of the home.

 Interior of a green home in Texas

Using these materials doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of a home. At GH Builders, we help builders in the US create custom green home designs using environmentally friendly techniques and materials. Receive the practical guidance you need to enter and dominate the green home market in the US.

An environmentally friendly living room.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Real Estate Developers

Solar energy has become a hot topic in the real estate development industry, and it is no surprise why. With natural disasters wreaking havoc, people are demanding their spaces to be Eco-friendlier. The benefits of solar energy are numerous, but here are a few reasons why it should be considered by any real estate developer.

Reduced Power Costs

The first thing that developers should know about solar panels is that they’re cheap. Solar panels can reduce your electricity costs significantly if installed correctly. This means you’ll be able to spend less on utilities and more on other aspects of development. After making an initial investment, real estate developers can recoup their investment in a few years.

With the cost of electricity rising every year due to increase global volatility, the cost of heating or cooling an office building will continue to rise each year as well. By installing solar panels on your commercial property or residential investment properties, you could significantly reduce your power costs over time. In addition to saving money on electricity, many states offer tax credits for installing solar panels on commercial properties such as office buildings or warehouses.

Solar panels also do not require much maintenance. Once they are installed, they will continue to function without any problems for years on end.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The main reason why real estate developers should use solar energy is to reduce their carbon footprint. Fossil fuels produce all kinds of pollutants that damage the environment, including greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming, which can have disastrous effects on our planet.

Higher Property Values

Homes with rooftop solar systems sell for more money than other homes in the same neighborhood. Real estate developers can also command higher rent from their tenants by installing solar panels on their residential and commercial properties.

A house running on solar power.

Construction Franchise Opportunities

Solar panels can help developers increase their property value, reduce costs, and lower maintenance issues. It can also help you meet environmental goals and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are interested in transforming how you build properties, then GH Builders can help. We are a certified green home builder in the US that can help you leverage our experience and increase your profits today. Become a GH Builders Master Partner today

Reach out to us to get started with Eco-friendly home construction.

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Signs of a Quality Home Builder

When building your dream home, you have many ideas, and it all comes down to one thing: how well your home builder can translate those ideas into reality. They’re responsible for building your dream house as promised.

Here’s what you should look for in a custom home builder:

1. The Value They Bring

A professional home builder will offer value-adding services. A good home builder will certainly not cut corners when it comes to quality. If a builder is known for finishing work too quickly, chances are they trade-off price over quality. It’s a sign to dig further and explore their home designs to examine how durable their previous work has been. It can give you an apt idea of their craftsmanship and reliability. Don’t forget to examine the paint, room layout, flooring, cabinetry, and trim work.

2. Their Industry Experience

Age may be just a number, but when it comes to skills, they are only polished more as years pass by. The more you work on something, the more you hone your skills. This goes well for home builders. Their experience in the industry can be evidence of their expertise. So the more experience they have, the better their services will be.

So when you decide to choose a home builder, make sure you narrow down your search based on experience. A builder who has been working for years would know the ins and outs of construction. They will be familiar with construction, timelines, and important decisions that go into the process.

3. Their Market Reputation

Years of experience can be a mark of quality, but it can also only be a number of operating years attached to their name. Experience means nothing if it’s not backed by a good reputation. If they don’t meet customer needs and satisfaction, none of their expertise matters. You can tell a lot about a business by their customer base.

Read their reviews, ask people around and search the internet to determine how well a home builder meets customer satisfaction. The more angry clients they have, the more apparent they have messed up projects in the past.

4. They Take Pride in Their Services

While the sole reason businesses exist is to maximize money, a good home builder takes pride in their work. There are more businesses than money-making. Good home builders know they are building dreams. They will be happy to show their previous work and discuss options with great enthusiasm.

If they aren’t very forthcoming with their work, it’s a sign it wasn’t their great work. You should choose a builder who is proud of their work for all the good reasons.

5. They’re Eco-Friendly

Last but not least, a good home builder will and should be eco-friendly. They focus on sustainable practice and use efficient materials in the building. Find someone who is ISO Green certified to make sure you build your green dream home.

Modern eco-friendly home

At GH Builders, we offer no-nonsense, honest advice and high-quality services. As an ISO Green certified, we’re environmentally-friendly builders offering green home designs and building eco-friendly homes with top quality finish in the USA. Contact us today to start your dream home project.

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Top Interior Trends of 2022 for Your Next Home

A dining table with green fruits

It’s possible that you haven’t paid any attention to your home’s interior in the last two years due to the pandemic. However, 2022 is the year that you can finally start revamping your interior design.

We’ve compiled a list of top interior décor trends of 2022. They’re functional and will induce more joy in your life.

Sustainability: A Norm

By 2022, we all must understand that sustainability is no longer a trend. It’s a new norm that should be encapsulated in interior design. With demand for sustainable practices gaining momentum, you should seek out flexible and environmental-friendly solutions for interior décor.

Based on this concept, here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

1. Biophilia – One With Nature

A term originally curated by Dr. Edward O. Wilson, a Harvard naturalist, biophilia describes our inherent instinct to focus on natural processes and life itself. In simple terms, it means being drawn to nature.

So if you’re redesigning your room or living room this year, make sure your room is in affinity with nature. Staircase gardens, house plants, floral ceilings, and small gardens in balconies are some of the ways you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home without harming the environment.

2. Bid Farewell to Sharp Edges

2022 has and will see more acceptance of comfy and cocooning upholstery. More people are investing in curbed bar designs, kitchen islands, and sofas than ever. Your home is an escape from the rest of the world. It should instill comfort and calm. Nothing screams calmness more than softer, round curves. Statement pieces such as headboards and sofas can embrace such playful, rounded contours and curved shapes across the home.

3. Statement-Making Fixtures

There’s a consensus on the key role of lighting. It’s no longer only a functional necessity. Lighting may have been reduced to a practical need in the past, but now it is being used to reflect one’s personality.

With beautifully curated yet energy-efficient lighting pieces, you can add richness to your interior décor. The best places to display lighting and create a focal point are kitchens and dining rooms, where much of the entertainment takes place.

Well-made and innovatively-designed lights can transform any room’s ambiance if positioned right. However, make sure you pick lighting fixtures that don’t consume much energy to remain true to sustainable practices.

4. Live With Less

More people are becoming mindful of the environment. 2022 is the year people have finally begun to understand that they can do more with less. Many people may downsize, while others may become more creative with their current homes.

Creating multifunctional spaces is the new trend. For example, some work-from-home employees have turned their garage or living room into a workspace, while others use the backyard as a workout station.

A modern green home design

This focus on living with less is inspired by the very concept of sustainability. You can also do more with less by investing in an eco-friendly home. Build your own green home with us. At GH Builders, we offer green home designs and build environmentally-friendly homes for residents of the USA. Contact us today!

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What Material Resources Do You Need to Build A Sustainable Home?

For many people, the idea of building a home from scratch is exciting and challenging. However, there are some important things to consider before starting any project.

Research About the Materials

Many people choose to build their homes out of environmentally-friendly materials like bricks made from clay or recycled wood. Some even go the extra mile and use only resources such as mud plaster and straw bales instead of synthetic materials. Others use renewable materials like cork, wood, and bamboo.

These materials don’t deplete the earth’s natural resources, so they are the perfect choices for building an eco-friendly home. If you don’t want to break the bank, consider using recycled materials for your home’s construction. People can use used lumbar flooring material and rubber roof shingles made from old tires as roofing tiles.

Learn How They Can Benefit You

When looking for materials for your home, it is important to understand how they will perform over time. In addition to being more cost-effective, sustainable materials may also require less maintenance than traditional options. For example, you could save money in the long run by choosing high-quality windows that allow natural light in and help regulate temperatures within the house. This can be especially beneficial in areas where energy costs are high.

Have a Clear Budget

It’s important to remember that the type of materials you choose will affect your budget and completion timeline. For example, if you choose to build with straw bales, then the project may take longer to complete. The cost of a sustainable home also depends on the size of the house, what materials are used and where is it located. By having clarity regarding your budget, you can pick the best materials.

Keep Increasing Your Literacy

There are plenty of resources available online or at your local library that can help guide you. Try to work with a green builder that has a proven history of delivering for clients. They can guide you through the whole journey, including helping you select different materials, styles and designs that work best for you and your family.

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Looking for Custom Home Builders in Texas?

GH Builders are a  certified green home builder in the US that is working to create awareness for sustainable housing in America. Through our blogs, we aim to increase literacy around this important subject.

We work with our clients to make their homes greener and more energy-efficient. If you’re building a new home from scratch or doing major renovations, then we are your go-to solution. Check out our customer stories here.

We love helping other home builders in America embrace the revolution and offer them the chance to become GH Builders Master Partners.

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The Future of Green Building & Architecture

As a society, we are beginning to wake up to the devastating effects of global warming. One way to help the planet is by auditing how we do things, including how we design and build our public buildings, commercial buildings, and homes. To make construction activity more sustainable, green designers are working to create more energy-efficient and safer structures for the environment.

Why Green Buildings Matter?

Green buildings are environmentally responsible buildings that help reduce resource consumption. They improve the health and quality of life of the people living in them and are also cost-effective in the long run due to a reduction in water use, energy, and waste.


Green architects are turning towards Mother Nature to help save it. Nature has millions of years of experience in creating structures that work with their environment. Because of this, architects are trying to mimic nature’s solutions in their designs. They are increasingly adopting sustainable building materials that help reduce waste and improve the quality of the environment.

Solar Adoption to Increase in Future

Green architects are reducing waste by using environmentally friendly materials such as recycled glass tiles or bamboo. They are also installing efficient fixtures like low-flow faucets and toilets that reduce water wastage.

They are also tapping into alternative energy sources such as solar panels as well as using double glazed windows and insulation materials that help retain warm air inside during the winter.

The Future Outlook

In the future, the architects who will be successful are those that find solutions to meet the increasing demand for housing while also responding to climate change. Their design philosophy will address environmental issues such as waste management and reducing carbon emissions. It will also focus on utilizing energy-efficient materials and only using renewable energy sources as this will help in the conservation efforts of natural resources.

An eco-friendly home in Texas

Looking for Custom Home Builders in Texas?

At GH Builders, we are proud of our architects who just don’t create aesthetically pleasing buildings but also minimize the impact on the environment. We help people embrace the green revolution and reduce their carbon footprint. We are proud to be a  certified green home builder in the US that is on a mission to change the world one building at a time. Check out our virtual display village here. We also create custom designs to meet your exact needs.

We also love sharing our experience and offer other home builders in America the chance to become a GH Builders Master Partner.

If you are looking for green contractors in Texas or want to own our construction franchise, then contact us today, and our friendly staff will assist you as soon as possible.

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5 Questions to Ask a Green Contractor

A green home contractor is responsible for building and maintaining eco-friendly homes. If you’re planning a home improvement project soon or are planning to construct a green home, hiring a green contractor is necessary. Many USA green contractors promise to build more energy-efficient houses that improve the quality of your life, and they aren’t wrong!

However, you need to ask them some questions beforehand to ensure they’re the right fit for the job!

Green building contractors working on a green home

What is Your License Number?

Like ordinary housing builders, green home contractors also have a license number. Therefore, you should only work with a green building contractor that is licensed. When you get a green home contractor’s license number, you can call the consumer affairs department and ensure that their license is valid.

What Do You Mean by a Green Building?

Let us tell you that the term going green is different for different people. A green building allows residents to save energy and the environment. However, different contractors use different methods to build a green home. For one contractor, building a house with sustainable materials makes a green building, while other contractors use special eco-friendly appliances to build a green home.

Do You Follow Green Housing Standards?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has compiled a list of green building standards that every contractor should follow while constructing a green building. These standards are a complete summary of what a green contractor should and shouldn’t do while building a green home. We recommend you only move forward with a green contractor that follows these U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

How Will You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Asthma is one of the leading chronic illnesses in young children, and the air and pollen that enter your house are responsible for triggering this asthma. Typical building materials contain many toxic chemicals that trigger asthma and other respiratory diseases in people of all ages.

Therefore, many people prefer to switch to sustainable buildings to improve air quality. It’s crucial to ask a green contractor about their indoor air quality management.

Do You Use Recycled Materials or Natural Materials?

Most green building contractors use recycled or natural materials to construct eco-friendly buildings. Natural materials include wood, bamboo, while recycled material includes recycled sustainable wood and more.

In the current situation, where the world is running out of natural resources, natural materials aren’t enough! Therefore, you should always ask green contractors if they use recycled material. Working with a green contractor that uses sustainable material is better for your health and the environment.

A green contractor in Texas fixing an eco-friendly home

If a green contractor in Texas answers all of these questions, you know that you should move forward with them! At GH Builders, our sustainable home builders follow industry standards and use the best sustainable products in eco-friendly home construction.

Get in touch with us today, and our green building contractors near you will answer all your queries.

A green contractor building an eco-friendly home

What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Building Contractor?

Almost every industry is switching to more sustainable options. The same is true for the construction industry, where more builders are using sustainable materials to build eco-friendly homes.

If you want to move to an eco-friendly house or want to build an eco-friendly building from scratch, you need to hire the services of a USA green contractor. However, choosing the right one can be a confusing process.

But let us guide you! Here are some things you should always look for in an eco-friendly building constructor before hiring them. Continue reading “What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Building Contractor?”

Landscaping in an eco-friendly home

Secrets to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

You might have often heard people talk about living in environmentally-friendly homes, but do you know what makes a green home?

Green home builders follow certain practices to ensure that an eco-friendly home does what it’s supposed to — save energy and help the environment. If you’re confused about what makes an eco-friendly house, let us help!

Here are some practices that green home builders use in building an eco-friendly home.

An outdoor deck in an eco-friendly home

Build with Sustainable Materials

You might be aware that an eco-friendly home uses smart appliances, but do you know that home builders use sustainable material to build an eco-friendly home?

Home builders now have multiple options to choose from when building an eco-friendly house. These options include salvaged wood, recycled insulation material, and wood products with sustainability certifications.

In addition, home builders also use sustainable materials while building and decorating the interior of eco-friendly houses. For instance, they use hard-wax oils and low VOC paints instead of typical flooring, which otherwise releases air pollutants. This sustainable material improves indoor air quality, improving lung health. In addition, it also minimizes the risk of respiratory diseases in residents.

Smaller Houses Are Better Than Bigger Ones

Many green home builders prefer building smaller homes instead of larger houses. The reason behind this secret is that smaller homes need fewer building materials, reducing the use of too many sustainable building products.

In addition, home builders also need less energy to regulate the temperature of a smaller house. Therefore, if you’re looking to get a green home, we recommend opting for a small home that’s both trendy and energy-efficient!

Conserving Water is Every Eco-Friendly House’s Purpose

Besides cutting the electricity bills and saving energy, builders also design eco-friendly houses to conserve water. It’s no secret that the world’s population is continuously increasing, and the water reservoirs are limited. According to research, the world’s freshwater supply will run out by 2040, creating a threatening situation.

In such an increasingly alarming situation, green home builders are determined to create homes that save water. Some of the features of eco-friendly homes that focus on saving water include dual flush toilets, low flow taps, and low-volume bathroom fixtures.

Landscaping Makes a Difference

Do you know that a green home builder does landscaping to deal with the house’s impact on the landscape? These steps include collecting rainwater from the roofs into barrels, using them later, and making it easier for rainwater to penetrate the soil instead of rolling away.

Landscaping in an eco-friendly home

Try Eco-friendly Home Construction

With an eco-friendly home, you’ll be helping the environment by saving resources like water and electricity. At GH Builders, our eco-friendly home builders provide the best service standards while eco-friendly construction in your desired location.

Reach out to us and see how construction impacts your life!

Do you want to be a Generalist or Specialist?

Who would you prefer to build your home?

When posed with this question most builders might think the most beneficial approach is to be a generalist. Be adaptable and open to multiple project avenues which will allow you a greater choice of projects and a multitude of customers to talk too. 

However, when this question is posed to consumers the data show that the majority say that they would like a specialist builder to build their home. Someone who is an expert in their field, an industry leader and the best they can be. 

It is understandable that consumers feel that by hiring a specialist they ultimately will have a better outcome. They will have a better home, built to a better quality and have a better experience.

The fastest growing space in the construction industry today is all about efficiency. People around the world are expecting homes to be efficient and sustainable and many cannot understand why this isn’t a critical element in any design or selection of a new home or considered when planning a renovation. While there is an abundance of consumers looking for expert and specialist builders in the Green space, there is a very limited number of Builders and even a lower number of actual builders who truly understand the Green Principles practically. The construction industry hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. We are in volume, still building with the same principles and same processes as we were in the 1970s. However, the same will not be said for the next 5 to 10 years. By the end of the next decade we will view our homes with these expectations in mind and we will be building them completely differently. They may look similar, but they will be smart healthy low-cost environments. This is what the consumer mindset is today and for the change to occur it needs to be consumer driven.

Consumers around the world are being impacted by large companies such as Tesla, Google, SpaceX and the like. Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before in history and consequently people are expecting their homes to be a better place to live. 

We have governments pushing legislation for more sustainable homes. They are introducing increased standards. Product manufactures have for a long time been producing efficient and sustainable products. This whole movement gets traction on the ground and the missing link is the qualified Builder who can make it happen in a project.

So the question is, Do you want to be a Specialist Green Builder, Building green homes with a business that has an abundance of opportunity or would you like to remain a generalist hoping the status que will continue. 

The builders who will be thriving in the coming years are the builders who are prepared and acting in this space as experts and specialists.  Where Green Homes fits the puzzle is we have developed a turn key solution for Builders and Area developers to take advantage of this booming industry. We have developed the training, systems and processes and the brand to enable our partners to step into this space and become recognized experts and specialist.

The Joys Of Self-Employment In The Construction Industry

Self-employed contractors who build green dome homes are among the most solid citizens in the national community. By getting involved with an eco-friendly construction company, it is possible for virtually any person to master their destiny in a profound, permanent manner. The green construction industry has done a lot to make life more livable for people who are self-employed and struggling to maintain normal, middle-class lifestyles. Although people generally do their best to find satisfaction as employees low on the organizational chart, lack of independence and self-direction can bring people down. People who become self-employed franchise owners can potentially experience a dramatic improvement in life quality.

Becoming self-employed in green construction is one of the most dramatic things a person can do to achieve greater control over their destiny. Self-employed people generally enjoy much greater flexibility when it comes to hours. Though it is certain that people must work very hard to succeed through entrepreneurship, it is also certain that self-employed people are freer to take personal days and sick days.

By all accounts, this is a time when it is newly easy for people to experience the joy that can come from self-employment and self-sufficiency. Ideally, the national government would do more to encourage people to start their own businesses. During the Bush administration, President Bush urged the creation of an “ownership nation.” If far more people owned businesses and directed their fate, more ordinary people would feel like stakeholders.

Arguably, this could, in turn, lead to more expressions of pride in society’s shared institutions. When more people feel invested in the health of a society, that society can experience lower rates of crime, alienation and depression. Building green dome homes is a great way to become an entrepreneur in the construction industry. Reportedly, eco-friendly builder franchises have made it incredibly simple to get started in the green construction sector.