Why home orientation is important to your family and your pocket?

One of the most overlooked energy efficiency factors in any home is its orientation. How your home is positioned can have a dramatic impact on heating and cooling, the largest energy contributor in most homes. Your home’s orientation is associated with energy efficiency, homes that are re-oriented toward the sun, without any additional solar features, saved between 10% and 20% on heating costs. A well-positioned home can provide natural lighting for rooms that are facing north providing more comfort while saving your wallet from further torture.

But aside from saving you money, there are more advantages you can get from having a good home orientation plan. It’s not difficult to see why poorly oriented homes need ceiling fans and air conditioning units to keep the rooms cool, which is not energy efficient.

During summer, thermal comfort is most important for house occupants especially the elderly who are vulnerable to weather-related illnesses. You can also position landscaping to shade windows during the summer, while still admitting winter light.

As you prepare for the construction of your new Green Home, be sure to speak with your homebuilder about the orientation of your home. An experienced and knowledgeable Green Home builder will be able to use these and other techniques to effectively provide you with the perfect amount of natural light, help lower your utility bills and build a healthy new home for you and your family.