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America's leading Green Homes Builder


Affordable, Sustainable, Healthy


Lifetime Savings on Energy & Utilities


New Homes, Additions & Green Retrofitting

America's leading Green Homes Builder

Affordable, Sustainable, Healthy

Lifetime Savings on Energy & Utilities

New Homes, Additions & Green Retrofitting

Fresh & light filled homes for families in fargo and north dakota

Enter this bright and beautiful family home and immediately see the opportunity of this build. The passive solar design allows natural light to flood into the space — benefitting your eyes, your health, your family and your power bill!

Properties that are intelligently built and beautifully designed are becoming increasingly sought-after. And construction companies that are meeting these needs are already enjoying the rewards.

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Did you know that the sun tracks lower in the sky in winter than during summer?

A correct southerly orientation allows the winter sun to stream into this home and will automatically exclude the summer sun to avoid overheating. Nothing has been left to chance with this build, with every decision that has been made to enhance energy efficiency.

A Priority on Design

Design matters in home construction because it plays a vital role in creating spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with the homeowners' needs and preferences. Well-considered design enhances the overall livability and comfort of a home. It optimizes the layout, flow, and utilization of space, ensuring efficient use of resources and maximizing functionality.

High End Inclusions & finishes

High-end inclusions and finishes are important in ensuring that a home build reaches the highest standard. These premium elements not only elevate the overall aesthetics but also reflect superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. From luxurious fixtures to top-of-the-line appliances, high-end inclusions demonstrate a commitment to quality and durability. They enhance the functionality and performance of the home, providing an elevated living experience.

What does it mean to build Green?



Passive design in a design that by its very nature reduces the need for mechanical heating or cooling, using the elements to heat and light your home.

When designing the orientation of your home, our design team work with you and in accordance to your block and local government requirements to ensure you receive the benefits of the elements - all year round.


Thermal Mass

Thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to absorb heat energy from the sun. High density materials such as concrete, rammed earth, bricks and tiles contain high levels of thermal mass properties, which allow them to absorb heat (unlike materials such as timber or plasterboard).

The correct placement of thermal mass within the home is crucial. The thermal mass can be used to soak up the winter sunlight, absorbing free heat from the sun during the day and then radiating and releasing that heat to maintain a higher internal temperature after the sun goes down.


The Importance of Windows

It's not always the case that the more money spent will offer the best solutions. Double and triple glazing was traditionally demanded by home builders to ensure the best efficiencies, however new products have entered the market that are very efficient in restricting heat transfer.

Comfort glass or smart glass is a product designed to give better results in different climates for maximum sun collection and reflection. These are significantly more affordable solutions and can offer better results based on your climate and wall structure.


Insulating Your Home

A well-insulated home will maintain a more constant temperature over a longer period, therefore reducing costs and producing less of a carbon footprint. Insulation acts a heat flow barrier and is essential in helping you maintain a comfortable year round temperature.

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