Top Creative Ideas for Your Green Home Building


The unprecedented environmental changes in recent years have completely transformed our way of living. People have now become more connected to their surroundings and have become aware of their impact on nature.

A recent IPCC climatic report indicates that the global warming level is poised to reach 1.5°C in the next 20 years, where 1.1°C of the warming primarily depends on human activities. According to the same report, these climatic changes increase the global temperature at an alarming rate and intensify drought conditions in several regions worldwide, negatively affecting the rainfall patterns, sea level at the coastal areas, and the water cycle.

Since human influence plays a pivotal role in the earth’s climatic stabilization. It has become critical for everyone to practice sustainability in everything they do, and home building and construction are no exception.

As the demand for green home-building options increases, eco-friendly home construction has become increasingly popular worldwide. The number of LEED-certified, green home-building projects increased from 296 certifications in 2006 to more than 67,200 in 2018.

Embrace Solar Energy

Going solar will transform your life in a thousand different ways. In recent years, the transition to solar power has become increasingly common worldwide, with the USA spearheading the trend. Solar energy constitutes nearly 1.6% of overall electricity generation in the US.

Installing solar panels may sound costlier and more expensive than the typical power alternatives, but setting up a solar system will considerably help you reduce your carbon-impact, without compromising your budget in the longer term.

Whether you want to cut down your monthly utility bills, look to increase your home value, want to prevent power outages, or just want to reduce your reliance on the grid, going solar is just the right option for you.

Electronic Smart Glass

The existing home construction technology, smart glass, has the home building industry on its toes! Smart or privacy glass technology is typically integrated into windows and partitions to control the light and switch from clear to opaque or shaded, on-demand.

Installing smart glass windows doesn’t only offer incredible privacy, but it also looks stylish and trendy. It’s a user-friendly technology and requires minimum maintenance. You can choose your smart glass’s activation method according to your own preference. It allows you to get sunlight while allowing visibility through it. Isn’t it amazing?

Cool Your Roof

Your home’s energy efficiency largely depends on the material you use on your roof. To keep your roofs clean, you need to choose the materials that cool faster during the night and hold minimum heat during the day to help you keep your home cool and minimize your energy consumption on air-conditioners and other cooling appliances. Some materials that offer green benefits include slate, metal roofing, white tiles, terra cotta, and slate.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a green roof. Also known as the ‘’living roofs’’, plants grow on the top. They don’t just look to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal but also catch and filter rainwater and insulate the building. Green roofs are mainly used in commercial buildings, but the trend is gradually becoming popular among home builders.

Build your Home with GH Builders


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