Home interior with paintings and plants

7 Tips to Bring Nature Into Your Interior Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a newfound love for nature, and people have started appreciating it more than ever. Bringing nature into the interiors can turn gloomy days into zestful and instills a sense of tranquility.

Here are some environmentally friendly ways to incorporate nature into interior design and attract more home buyers.

1. Indoor Plants

Plants are the most common source of bringing nature into a home and offer numerous health benefits. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space, they purify the indoor air and have a soothing effect on the mind. Even if the owners keep the home clean, certain toxic chemicals are present in the air that they can’t see or feel. Adding indoor plants will ensure that people breathe clean and purified air free from toxins.

You can add multiple elements into your home designs that encourage owners to grow indoor plants. Some great options include aloe vera, palm trees, ficus, or golden pothos. They look stunning and are low-maintenance.

2. Growing Herbs in Kitchen

Homegrown herbs add an exquisite feature to a kitchen and spread their lovely aromas around the home. You can create windows with sills where homeowners can grow herbs in their kitchen and cook delicious meals with them while feeling close to nature.

3. Nature Wall Murals

Murals are striking and transform any ordinary into a stunning and eye-catching space. Adding a nature-themed wall mural will help people gaze into a life-like painting of their favorite view.

4. Increase Natural Lighting

Natural light is one of the easiest ways to uplift any space. It not only helps people decrease their electricity consumption but also helps a home look bigger and brighter. Add large windows across the home while ensuring that the direct sunlight won’t pass through to prevent increased temperature.

5. Add Natural Furniture

Natural furniture perfectly complements a home’s plants and greenery and looks stunning.Bamboo furniture is quite popular among homeowners due to its sturdiness and gives the space a resort-like vibe. Bamboo releases more oxygen  into the atmosphere while decreasing carbon dioxide compared to other natural woods. It’s also sustainable and lasts long, reducing the environmental impact.

A home filled with plants and natural furniture

6. Build a Green Home

Green homes are made with sustainable and natural materials, keeping homeowners close to nature. Building such homes offer peace of mind because you’re not harming the environment or your health. Besides that, these homes are also energy-efficient, increasing your chances of attracting many home buyers.

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