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5 Innovative Designs for Your Next New Home

Innovative home designs gained momentum in 2016 to support sustainability and minimalism without compromising extravaganza. From tiny pods that can be moved with the owner to large duplex houses, there’s no shortage of ideas.

Architects and custom home builders press on the need for minimalist aestheticism, multifunctional spaces, renewable power usage, and increased mobility in the new homes. We have enlisted our favorite picks here:

1. Tiny Portable House

First designed in 2016 by an Estonian-based company, these tiny houses are only 269 square feet. The goal of these houses is to ensure increased mobility of owners to make their homes anywhere they want.

Although tiny, this home has everything you need, from a lofted bed, living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The kitchen can be well-furnished with cabinets, stovetop, oven, and drawers to meet your needs.

2. Wind-And-Solar-Powered Pods

Wind-and-solar-powered pods are called Ecocapsules that feature a mini wind turbine and a roof with solar cells. These pods come with a rechargeable battery with four days’ worth of energy if grid sources fail. These pods are customizable to meet any owners’ needs and requirements. With rising demand, the price of these pods has also dropped since 2017.

3. Three-Story House

Named “Kokoon,” this three-story wooden house is easy to construct in a day. Initially a student project, this home design is inspired by modern construction methods. This house is built through an offsite construction method in that most of its components and structures are built on the other location and then assembled on the site.

Offsite construction is greener, sustainable, cheaper, safer, and faster, promoting eco-friendly home building to reduce cost, increase productivity, and ensure labor safety. In essence, this home design checks all the three boxes of sustainability: 1) environmental, 2) economic, and 3) social.

4. Ninja House

The Ninja House has limited floor space, no interior walls, and residents use ladders to connect to different portions. Although this house was custom-built for a Tokyo couple, this trend is likely to take up pace.

The purpose of this house is to promote flexibility and easy mobility. It also empowers residents to change the layout as it fits their lifestyle. The influx of natural light reduces energy costs while meeting lighting needs.

5. Stackable Apartments

Homelessness is one of the pressing issues in the US, and stackable apartments are there to resolve it. This house design is suitable for students and high-density areas to help people off the streets. These 160 square foot micro-apartments are containers that can be stacked on top of each other to create a larger building.

Eco-friendly home design

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