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Where Independent Home Builders become Green Home Construction and Property Experts

GH Builders empowers local and independent home builders to become green home construction experts and build recognized and thriving home construction businesses.

Builders need more than knowledge to build green. They need a brand, value proposition, marketing machine, designs, support, systems, and mentoring before they can truly open a green home business. As a master franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to provide the much-needed pathway for builders to secure their futures and for consumers to build better homes. As a master, you own a stake in the global leading brand for your area and will become a green building facilitator for builders and consumers.
With 40+ years of industry-leading know-how in training, supporting, and empowering our home construction franchisees, our experienced international team backs you up every step of the way.

Build your empire and change the world at the same time!

What is a GH Builders
Master Franchise?

A Green Homes Builder Master Franchise is your opportunity to secure the rights to a global brand in the booming construction industry and the Green Homes marketplace. As a Green Homes Builder Master Franchisee, you will have complete access to our systems, partners, training and years of experience, to recruit and on-board individual unit franchisee’s who will own and operate local territories building homes for consumers.

Your franchisees will benefit from:

1. Dedicated Green Home Construction knowhow
2. Unpassable Value Proposition
3. Dedicated Training System that you’ll deploy as a Master Franchisee.
4. Designs and Business Support
5. An abundance of Customers

$200 Million Business Built in Six Years

Green Homes Master Franchisee Case Study 2021

Follow the steps of one of our Master Franchisee Partners, from Day One over a six year period, to learn how they grew to a $200 Million Business within 6 years. Partner with Green Homes to build your own green building empire.
Learn how they did it:

From humble beginnings

Meet our Founder, Mick Fabar

With over 30 years of construction experience, Master Builder, Mick Fabar recognized that the demand for sustainable, energy ecient - and most importantly - healthy homes early in the 2000s.
After green-focusing his own construction business and having years of success as a builder, GH Builders has grown organically and is now a globally renowned green building brand operating in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The GH Builders franchise is supported by an expert management team and an internationally experienced advisory board, ensuring growth, leadership, and expertise while maintaining a close relationship to it’s founding roots from a construction business. Learn about the rise of Green Homes, from humble beginnings to an International Green Building franchise.

Mick transparent (web) CEO

Surround Yourself with a Team of Business Experts

We have built multiple premiere master franchises around the globe. We have a team who have assisted in building business empires in multiple territories, and by partnering yourself with GH Builders, you will gain exclusive access to our team of experts. A business is only as successful as the members within it - and we have years of demonstrated experience and are proven leaders in our respective fields.

Always beside you, we build success through partnerships.

Hear from some of our Master Franchisee's

“After 30 years of running my own business, I realized there was no green solution in the construction space.”

Andrew Mason ran his own business for over 30 years and realizing that he needed to grow and expand his oering, he began looking for a point of dierence in the marketplace. After a great deal of research and investigation, Andrew found that there was no Green Solution in the construction space.
Reaching out to the team at the Global Green Homes Office, Andrew became the first Master Franchise and launched GH Builders NY, to a plethora of consumer demand.

Andrew Mason – New York Master Franchisee

“By joining GH Builders, you’re increasing your opportunity for growth. You have support and mentorship.”

Looking to build their own homes, Jonathan and Catherine & Nancy and Peter couldn't find a builder in Texas who would build a healthier, more sustainable home.
After researching building methods all across the world, they came across the Green Homes New Zealand brand.
Reaching out, they realized that they could expand their business horizons and joined as the GH Builders Master Franchisee in Dallas Fort-Worth. Advice about becoming a GH Builder Master franchisee?
“Just do it.”

Team Dallas – Fort Worth Master Franchisees


There has never been a better time than right now to become a Green Leader. Consumers made the sustainable, healthy, efficient connection years ago and expect their homes to perform in alliance with their principles.

Product manufactures around the world and across the United States have been manufacturing sustainable products for years. Government’s are also pushing for better home construction and increased efficiencies.

Consumers are demanding healthy, sustainable and energy efficiency homes and independent data from across the country shows consumers have been in the green space in their abundance for some time and this is growing space rapidly.

The challenge is Builders need more than knowledge to build green. They need a brand, value proposition, marketing machine, designs, support, systems and mentoring before than can truly open a green homes business. As a Master franchisee, you have the opportunity to provide the much-needed pathway for builders to secure their futures and for consumers to build better homes. As a master, you own a stake in the global leading brand for your area and will become a green building facilitator for builders and consumers.

Are you frustrated, worried, and stressed as a business owner and experiencing problems such as security, cashflow, scheduling and profitability? Our GH Builder franchisees benefit from being an in-demand market leader and have transformed their business from being poor performing, to a profitable and sustainable business. Being our partner ensures you are given maximum resources and support that other franchises will not offer, so you can achieve your greater potential.

As a Green Home Builder Master Franchisee, we provide you with an award-winning brand and reputation supported by endless opportunities! You will be provided with:

· An award-winning, global brand

· Systems that enable scale

· Unmatched value proposition, removing you from the competitive market

· Leading reputation within your community. The ‘go to’ builder

· Management systems and CRM

· Proven, well developed marketing templates and strategies

· Unmatched web and social media presence and platforms

· Guidance, support, and mentoring

· Business management training

· Operations project training

· Innovative trending designs

· Sales support

· Product network

· Unique value proposition (UVP)

· OPPORTUNITY – endless supply of interested and qualified clients!

There are extremely limited builders operating in the Green space globally and no franchise business models that we are made aware of. The consensus is that Green building is expensive and complicated, which maybe the case if you don’t have the systems and knowledge Green Homes has. We pass this knowledge on to our partners, and currently, we are building the highest star rated efficient homes nationally backed by our experience in Australia and New Zealand, confirmed by CSIRO data (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). On a competitive leadership front, Green Homes is the only ISO (International Standards Organization) compliant Green builder globally for 50,001 (design and construction of energy efficient dwellings) we have won multiple awards for homes and our training including the Global innovations award from the NAHB. We are the global leaders and Green building is our only focus.

We are more than happy to share our knowledge and help you reach your business goals while doing better things for the environment and your clients!

Does this all sound too good to be true, dose it sound like a sales pitch? Green Homes Builders is completely transparent and again, we are happy to chat and share our knowledge and success and if it’s the right for you and us, fantastic!

Hear From Some of our Business Leaders

A Master Franchise Opportunity For You

Master Franchisee’s own a large (often very large) exclusive geographic territory.

Master Franchisee’s can personally open additional locations in their regions at a reduced cost – to keep or sell later as an existing business for, a substantially higher price.

Master Franchisee’s receive an ongoing “long term/residual” royalty income stream for the life of each of the franchised business locations within their territory, as long as they remain active ADs.

After the initial startup phase, Master Franchisee’s may choose to hire a general manager and step out of day-to-day involvement in the business.

Master Franchisee’s are an established business development and operations vehicle. Some of the largest and most successful franchise systems in the world have grown using regional development strategies (Century 21, McDonalds, Subway, Massage Envy, etc.).