1. Why Buy a Green Homes Franchise?

Green Home Builders has a complete turn key business solution from brand to business systems to customer pipeline. Partnering with us ensures your success and business sustainability in your state. We have builders waiting to build the best green homes; our brand and business model allows you to hit the ground running, become the Green building leader and scale your business to reach success in a non-competitive space.

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2. Why Now?

There has never been a better time than right now to become a Green Leader. Consumers made the sustainable, healthy, efficient connection years ago and expect their homes to perform in alliance with their principles and the building industry simply hasn’t evolved. If you want to have a sustainable, profitable, successful and lasting business you need to be involved in the green space and the time is now! If you’re involved with a business who is not evolving into the green space your efforts will become redundant. Become an expert and leader in the green space by joining Green Home Builders. We have builders waiting and an abundance of consumer demand….

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3. Own a Major City or State!

There are multiple entry points to our business – one of which is our master franchisee program. Within this program, you can own a larger territory and work with other smaller franchisees who report to you.

Master franchising is a form of the franchisor-franchisee relationship in which the master franchisee essentially becomes a mini-franchisor for a specified territory or state. Within that territory, the master franchisee recruits, trains, and provides ongoing support to each franchisee they sign as they scale and grow their business and brand.

In exchange, the master franchisee receives a large percentage of the initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties. The master franchisee usually agrees to a development schedule, which can include owning and operating their own units.

A typical Green Homes Builder Master franchise will have multiple builders operating within their territory building Green Homes for consumers.  

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Features of a Master Franchise Opportunity

Features of Master Franchise Based Territory Development

Master Franchisee’s own a large (often very large) exclusive geographic territory.

Master Franchisee’s can personally open additional locations in their regions at a reduced cost – to keep or sell later as an existing business for, a substantially higher price.

Master Franchisee’s receive an ongoing “long term/residual” royalty income stream for the life of each of the franchised business locations within their territory, as long as they remain active ADs.

After the initial startup phase, Master Franchisee’s may choose to hire a general manager and step out of day-to-day involvement in the business.

Master Franchisee’s are an established business development and operations vehicle. Some of the largest and most successful franchise systems in the world have grown using regional development strategies (Century 21, McDonalds, Subway, Massage Envy, etc.).

Exclusive Offering

A Master Franchisee is an entrepreneur who purchases the exclusive rights to develop a large regional territory. The Master Franchisee recruits new franchisees (single unit builders) and helps them open their individual locations in this exclusive territory, following an agreed upon schedule. The Master Franchisee is trained by the Franchisor (Green Home Builders Management Team) in how to perform the various services to be provided to these franchisees. 

This is due to the superior “return on investment” potential that territory development offers. The Master Franchisee in the GH Builder model receives revenue from multiple revenue streams which include:


High percentage of the initial franchise fees paid by single unit franchisees.


Majority of the ongoing royalty fees paid by single unit franchisees in the Master Franchisee region over the 10-20 year life of such businesses.


Priority access to the growing Green Space.


When assessing applications we are looking for experienced business people with a high competencey for business communication, management and experience.

The entry level investment starts at 10 territories with each territory being priced at $25,000. 

Start-up capital varies depending on your final territory selection, and can start as low as $1,200 per month of operation.

No, However extensive and successful business experience is essential for successful applicants

GH Builders USA has developed an industry recognised training program that is undertaken both on site and via our online learning platform, with support of industry experts. This training program will take approximately 120 hours to complete, and requires an additional minimum commitment of 50 hours annually for ongoing training & compliance.

We are a global leader in Green Home construction. On offer is a unique and limited opportunity to secure a territory, to deliver an in-demand product, via your green builders.

Yes, Once an application is reviewed as suitable, prior to being awarded a contract we would like you to meet with existing partners both in the US and internationally, to ensure the right fit for both parties. 

Full support is provided throughout your partnership with GH Builders and all partners have access to our Green Cloud Suite of support resources 24/7 – anywhere, anytime. Please review the Green Vault for more Information. 

If you are a person of experience, integrity, honesty and strong ethics and would like to build a profitable business in the property and construction industry that also has a positive effect on clients, communities and the planet then this opportunity could be for you.

Master Franchise Opportunity

Interested in developing your business portfolio further? Looking to be a pioneer in an untapped market on your home soil? 

GH Builders are looking for strong business leaders to transform their communities and build sustainable homes, using globally recognized training and trademarked principles. 

  • Exclusive Territory Rights
  • Exclusive access to The Green Cloud Management Suite
  • Global ISO Compliance for your Business
  • Access to Industry Recognized Training​
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