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Why Green Homes?

People don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style to live in a green home. Or a green office building.

Building green structures leads to profit and success -especially when builders partner with us.

As a member of the GH Builders team in Texas, you’ll have access to tested building plans, technological resources, and marketing support to keep as busy as you want to be.

Taking advantage of 21st century technological breakthroughs, our green building designs meet the demand for luxurious, stylish, and responsible offices and homes.

Dallas Fort Worth, home of GH Builders USA

Why Texas?

Texas is an eclectic melting pot of cultures, regions, and architectural styles. You’ll have a wonderfully diverse customer base to impress with your sustainable building talents in all regions of the Lone Star State.

Green homes and commercial buildings start with inspiration and end in customer satisfaction. At Green Home Builders, our green contractors and custom home builders in DFW  proudly stand at the forefront of this environmentally-friendly revolution.

We’d love you to join us as one of our home builders in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Our green building program is the solution for you – we make it easy to build for the 21st century.

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Green homes in Dallas Fort Worth


As builders, we recognize our responsibility to create and deliver both high-quality and environmentally conscious homes and office buildings. Our designs work in many climates and areas - including areas of lake-effect snow. They provide both sustainable and aesthetic benefits for home owners and business people. Our commitment to sustainable and attractive construction is the foundation of all our work.

Custom green home builders in Dallas Fort Worth


Around the world, people are increasingly aware of the need to build green structures. And the demand for them will only increase throughout the 21st century. Careful siting allows natural wind and sun to keep buildings comfortable. Our builders use renewable or recycled building materials. We include solar energy and recycled gray water. Using local vendors keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Green homes in Dallas Fort Worth


Our home and office building plans allow you to get right to building . Our Green Cloud connection keeps all your files and information available on line wherever you need it. Whether your client's tastes run to modern or Victorian, cozy or roomy, we have plans which suit all preferences. Our extensive catalog showcases these bold and timeless plans, allowing you significant savings as you tailor a house for your customer.

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Operational Support and Training

Partnering with Green Homes Builders is a smart move for builders throughout Texas.

We have building plans suited for city, suburbs, and country – perfect for Texas.

Green Cloud hosting is our proprietary system which helps you handle a wide range of projects.

We provide all training and support you need – the end result is high-quality, ISO-compliant buildings make both builder and owner happy!

Green Home Builders gives you a Turn Key Solution. From day one you gain access to everything you need to start and grow your empire.

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Custom green homes in Dallas Fort Worth

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